5 Tips to help keep your office Clean

Don’t we all like our office to be spotless 24 hours of the day? Have you considered you could save money on cleaning if you could keep you office tidy to a point before your regular cleaners come in the morning? Do you know that Cleaning Companies charge more for grubbier and dirtier offices? The more time your Cleaners took cleaning your office, the more they will charge you.

Organise your desk Using a stacked In/Out tray: your pens, pins, papers and stationery into stacks and pots to keep your desk tidy. If possible avoid eating at your desk and get your keyboard cleaned and sanitised at least 3 times a year.

Clean as You Go: Pick up litter as you go, if you see litter on the floor, pick and put them in the trashcan. Don’t wait until the Cleaners are around in the morning or later in the day. Don’t allow unnecessary paper ever accumulate on your desk.

Wash or Take Cups back to the washing: We always advise our Clients to get into the practice of washing up plates and cups as soon as they are used. Keeping a pile of teacups and place on your desk is not a good site. Even though you may have hired a professional cleaning company to come in and to clean your office either in the morning or later in the day, not overloading them with unnecessary jobs mean they would spend less time cleaning your office. Remember time spent equals money as Cleaning Company charge per hour.

Schedule in Regular Time to tidy up: By scheduling regular time to tidy up your work environment, either daily or weekly, you will avoid having too many clutter on your desk.

Avoid Causing Blockage: Try not to block the toilet with tissue, flush toilets when used and make sure you use toilets at the right time.

For more information on how to save money and time on office cleaning, please visit www.citywidecleaning.co.uk