Choosing the Right Cleaning Company

    This may sound the easiest of tasks or decisions to make. However, after several years in the Commercial Cleaning Industry, I am still amazed at the number of Customers coming to us because they have been let down by their previous cleaning service providers. One common reason cited by the majority of the Clients was that ... Read More

    Removing Carpet Stains

    How to Remove Carpet Stains Spills on the carpet are one of the things guaranteed to make most people jump up in horror. And unfortunately – especially if you have children or pets – it is almost an inevitable fact of life. Most people wince as they think they will need to call in expensive carpet ... Read More

    Declutter Your Space

    Clutter can be a nightmare if you don’t do something about it over a period of time. No one wants to visit or do business with an office that is full of clutter. Not only will Clutter put off potential Clients, affect the morale of your Staff but also may affect your state of mind. ... Read More

    Eco-friendly Cleaning Materials

    Eco Cleaning Option If you or someone in your office suffers from allergies or chemical sensitivities from toxic cleaning chemical, maybe it’s time to consider using eco-friendly cleaning products. These are easy and safe to use with cleaning powers equaling any other manufactured cleaning chemicals. A lot of household cleaning products contain harmful toxic chemicals ... Read More

    Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

    Cleaning Company London I know there are a lot of folks out there who think cleaning is rather easy and wondered why they should pay someone else to clean for them. The truth is that cleaning is not as easy as it looks. Majority of people may know how to clean but how many actually ... Read More