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Citywide Cleaning was formed with the aim of  providing quality office cleaning services to Companies of all sizes in London, Kent, Essex and Surrey areas. Our objective is to continue to develop and maintain our clients’ trust, delivering a service that goes beyond our clients’ expectations, building positive relationships with our Clients and to be the best firm in the cleaning industry. In spite of our very humble beginning, our commitment to deliver convenient, professional and first class cleaning services remains an integral part of our continuous business strategy.


Some of the cleaning  services that we cover include:
Office cleaning – Citywide Cleaning is the top provider of office cleaning services in London. We are fast becoming a ‘one stop shop’ cleaning and support services for Companies in London, Kent, Essex and Surrey areas Domestic cleaning – We also cater for the high end of the domestic cleaning service market which includes dusting, ironing, vacuuming and polishing. We are able to tailor to our services to meet your needs. We offer cleaning services such as;

  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.
  • Office Cleaning.
  • School Cleaning
  • Hotel/Hospitality Cleaning


Washroom hygiene services– we offer reliable, discreet and friendly washroom solutions and we are dedicated to keeping you hygienic and healthy by offering high quality hygiene services and products.


Why you should choose us:
On-time Cleaning Services
We strive to make sure our workers are always on time for all our cleaning assignments. This is because we understand it is those times when you need professional cleaning services when lateness isn’t an option.


Competitive prices
All our services are provided at the most competitive prices in the industry. We strive to always stand behind the backs of our esteemed clients by offering them with high quality service all the time. Actually, you may never find another company that offers the same great quality at a very affordable price while making sure that they keep a close eye on their customer service.


Our Staff
Our dedicated staff are the force of our company and they help us as we try to go through the tough road that leads to success. This team includes various personnel within the cleaning field with great experience that helps them in overcoming the numerous challenges that they encounter as they perform their duties.


Our philosophy
For many decades, Citywide Cleaning have built a reputation for being the best practitioners in the cleaning Services sector. Our track record can be attributed to the fact that we have a laid down set of codes that we abide by as we serve our clients. This constitutes our philosophy as a company. They are as follows;


For a couple of years now, Citywide Cleaning has been on the edge of an innovative idea referred to as building green. We help our Clients in selecting energy efficient solutions. Today, sustainability at Citywide Cleaning is a tradition; our expertise offers great value to customers through by improving human productivity and health, lowering operating costs and ensuring efficiency of resources.


Safety is the central core of Citywide Cleaning’s culture permeating into all levels of our organisation. Through relevant procedures and policies, Citywide Cleaning is committed to pursuing robust management of health and safety. We have maintained an industry leading record of safety performance which at the same time has improved our productivity and lowered our costs.


Citywide Cleaning is dedicated to building a very diverse cleaning firm. We do engage actively with the subcontracting community to aid in the optimization of available opportunities for women, minorities as well as small businesses on each and every project we undertake. Our sole aim is creating a broad based workforce and a diverse subcontractor pool. This will make sure that the fruits of our office cleaning projects do spread to the entire community. At Citywide Cleaning, we take the skill-building approach so as to increase diverse participation in the cleaning industry. While it is great to aid a firm get work on a project, we think it is actually better to aid them acquire the requisite skills which will allow their growth and prosperity over the long term.


Our clientele
We are the corporate community’s service provider of choice. Our A list clientele include both small firms and large industry leaders (we provide references upon request). We are devoted to investing enough attention, effort and time to achieving our clients’ desired results. This is due to the level of commitment, attention to detail and service we put into our projects which has kept us miles ahead of our competitors.


We made a point of developing a special capacity of understanding the tastes and choices of our clients. With their close collaboration and partnership, we converted their dreams into reality by offering a unique and personal touch to our services. The areas that we clean represent a special panorama of style, elegance and diversity that will surely captivate all and sundry.


Our advanced cleaning equipment
At Citywide Cleaning, we have a wide range of advanced equipment that is inspected and maintained regularly to conform to our legal requirements. We are adequately equipped to provide all your cleaning needs. We you choose to invest in services like Citywide Cleaning, you should rest assured that our advanced commercial grade equipment will give the deepest wash possible.

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