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Quality Policies

The company shall allocate adequate resources and facilities to ensure quality of product and service compliance with agreed specifications and also the comfort and safety of staff. To ensure Citywide Cleaning quality objectives are achieved and maintained, the company has adopted the following strategy:- • Implementation of a Quality Management System based on ISO 9002-1994 Quality Systems for Production and Installation. • The monitoring of customer feedback shall be performed to provide a measure of the effectiveness of the quality policy. • An ongoing evaluation of systems will be performed and the quality policy refined to achieve a consistently high provision of Quality service that satisfies the customers changing requirements. Also, we have developed an Operational Quality Policy System which deals with the following structure: • Technical assistance from our suppliers • Work procedures in accordance with QBE Insurance Policy manuals • Inspection and examination of how to rectify or improve our services within the cleaning industry and how to avoid re-occurring problems • Design and specification of cleaning process to suit each site • Throughout the company, we will install and monitor simple, cost effective operating procedures, which will be reviewed on a regular basis. • We will manage and motivate the management team by setting specific objectives and monitoring their attainment. These will form the basis of our quality system in line with BS EN ISO 9001:2000, designed to achieve our stated aims of outstanding customer service and continual improvement.


Citywide Cleaning Services is a quality endorsed and accredited Organisation for the purposes of Commercial Cleaning by the British Institute of Cleaning Science. We provide a range of quality cleaning services to companies and individuals in and around London Area and most of the UK. At Citywide Cleaning, we understand that quality is the ability to meet customer’s requirements by constantly maintaining high standard of service. It is our main priority to provide quality cleaning service to clients at competitive rates. As we work to achieving international quality standard ISO 9001-2000 award, we have adopted a system of working that complies with their requirements.

Programmed inspections are carried out with a customer representative to a written schedule for all our cleaning activities and details are recorded. Areas of rectification are logged, with specific tasks being assigned to individuals checked and signed off by the Site Supervisor/Manager upon completion. Through regular inspection we are able to monitor trends and, if necessary, agree to implement changes to programmes and schedules in the “Site Manual”. This enables us to continually improve the standards of hygiene and cleaning throughout all areas of the site/location.

All applicants for employment by Citywide Cleaning will be required to produce proof of identity. All employees of Citywide Cleaning Company will be required to sign a Confidentiality and Integrity Agreement. The agreement means that an employee will not divulge or discuss any information or material which comes to their attention as a result of their cleaning duties in client’s premises. Employees are also expected to behave in an honest and appropriate manner at all times and not bring Citywide Cleaning into disrepute. Any employee who is proven to be in breach of this agreement will be liable to instant dismissal at the discretion of the Citywide Cleaning management.