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Washroom Hygiene Cleaning Services

Washroom Hygiene Service

A washroom facility is vitally important in any premise. At Citywide Cleaning, we help our clients present and maintain the best washroom facility through our wide range of washroom hygiene services and solutions. Citywide Cleaning are among the most experienced providers of washroom hygiene services with decades of experience in this sector. We have offered quality services to our clients for many decades. We utilize latest technology to sort out all your washroom hygiene needs. We have a unique approach that will ensure washroom facilities are healthy, hygienic and operating smoothly. We take a lot of pride in delivering best in class washroom hygiene services that are right for our clients.

Additionally, our dedicated team of hygiene professionals advise our clients on the most intelligent hygiene solutions for your washroom. They offer reliable, discreet and friendly washroom solutions and are dedicated to keeping you hygienic and healthy by offering high quality hygiene services and products. They offer unique services that are based on our washroom hygiene survey on how to improve or maintain high standards of hygiene in washrooms.


We have earned our superior reputation the old fashioned way…by offering exemplary washroom hygiene services to our clients. From simple baby care solutions, air care solutions to feminine hygiene solutions, we surpass our clients’ expectations by holding ourselves to our impeccably high standards.

At Citywide Cleaning the key factor that sets us apart from all other players in the office cleaning industry is our diverse and extensive number of services;

  • Baby care-Baby Changing, Nappy Disposal, and Nappy Bins.
  • Air care-Air Fresheners, Air Sterilizers.
  • Urinal services-waterless urinals, Urinal Sanitizers.
  • Hand Drying services, Hand Dryers.
  • Feminine Hygiene – Sanitary Bin Waste Disposal.
  • Washroom vending-sanitary vending, nappy vending.

We have strived to maintain our principles of superb client service, quality, responsiveness, client safety and reliability. Our affordable services and friendly personnel will remove the hassle of cleaning and maintaining washroom facilities from you. As we add more cities and develop every year, we are dedicated to improving the quality and availability of our washroom hygiene services.