10 Reasons to Outsource your Office Cleaning Services

You might have wondered whether or not it is worth it to outsource your office cleaning needs, you may have looked around an untidy office in dismay, unsure of where to begin. Well, let me help alleviate that stress from you and let you know why exactly, it is so important to not only have a clean and tidy office environment but also to outsource the work to professionals like myself.office-cleaning-company-london

Now, let’s talk about what it means to have a clean office and why it so important – there are a number of reasons that contribute to this so let us discuss some. Firstly a clean working environment is conducive to a higher standard of work. This is a fact. In fact, statistics show that the average employee loses 9 working days per year due to sickness, which can, of course, be attributed to a lack of workplace hygiene. Harvard studies also show that an untidy workspace greatly hindered a person’s ability to persist with normal tasks and overall decreased their productivity. Cleanliness in the workplace can also improve time management and efficiency, mental wellbeing of employees, workplace focus, profits, morale and the attendance of your employees.

A clean office is not only appealing to the eye of your employees but also new potential clients and business partners; having a clean office will show that you are serious and ready to do business. So why outsource?

There are a number of reasons to outsource, especially to professionals like myself, however, there are two main reasons which are again, productivity and also the fact that it is more cost-effective for any business in the long run. When outsourcing your cleaning services to an external company, this takes away some of the workload for yourself, which in turn allows you to dedicate more time to important matters. Here are 10 Reasons to Outsource your Office Cleaning Services:


Improves your focus on core competencies

Outsourcing work to a professional company allows you to focus on the core competencies, the main strategies that you can employ to ensure that your business flourishes, this way if you leave the cleaning to us – you can focus on the more pertinent tasks of decisions making, client service and conflict resolution.


Better standards when handled by professionals

Now although this might seem obvious, it really is true – cleaning companies like my own have had years of experience and can offer very high standards when it comes to office cleaning, hence being professionals in this field. So by employing our services not only can you be guaranteed a better standard of cleaning, but also the freedom to allow you to focus on your area of specialism – we’ll take care of the cleaning so that you don’t have to worry about it!


Better cleanliness ensures greater productivity

As I have mentioned briefly before, better cleanliness ensures greater productivity, I can’t stress this enough. This is perhaps the most prominent reason that you should choose to dedicate your cleaning services to a professional, great productivity is vital to a successful business as this directly influences profitability and efficiency. Outsourcing can bring a lot to a business, delegating the cleaning to us allows your time and effort to go into other things; what we can offer as professionals is top of the range cleaning products coupled with years of cleaning knowledge and experience in addition to this your office will not only be clean to the eye but to the touch to. What I mean by this is that professional cleaning companies like mine use top quality products that are anti-bacterial and ensure that your office is as hygienic as possible. Now as I said earlier hygiene in the workplace is fundamental to productivity because a workspace free of germs means that employees will be averaging less sick days which means more work will be done and your company can grow.


Flexible and scalable on-demand service

The best thing about outsourcing your cleaning service is that you don’t have to be at work, or require other employees to be at work as well, this means you can spend less on overtime costs and allows you to free up your time more. As a professional cleaning company, we have the flexibility to work around the needs of our client, you. This means that we are able to clean the office after the day’s work has been completed or even in the morning before the day commences, meaning the office is already neat and tidy when you get there so you can get straight into work with no other hassles or worries (we can even clean offices during lunch hours). Now some cleaning companies require you to meet a minimum number of hours, but for the most part this service is still very scalable, any external cleaning would be more than happy to work out a schedule with the client and allocate different hours or shifts within the week to suit you, the client.

No cleaning service is too big or little, so don’t hesitate to reach out to the company and ask them to provide you with a quote. Cleaning with an outsourced service is very much like an on-demand service, meaning you only pay for the hours used and that you can cancel anytime.


Cost-effective and profitable

Although you a paying for a clean service you will really save money in the long run for a number of reasons. Firstly the higher standard of cleaning that we offer means that we can do more for less and your office will generally stay cleaner for longer. Secondly, the fact that we take this pressure off of your hands means that you can increase your profits by being able to focus on important work. Furthermore, you will be able to cut down on HR costs, you won’t need to account for extra staff training, sickness and employee benefits.


Easy to upkeep standards and eco-friendliness

This becomes one less thing you have to worry about! The professionals are one step ahead; people like myself and others in this sector know about the best products and eco-friendly alternatives that we can use, in order to be kinder to our planet. eco-friendly-cleaningCleaning companies like my own are with the times and know which products to use which keep up with the correct and most recent standards to this day, we can also source environmentally friendly products or products that create a low carbon footprint which can enhance your business brand and show that you are working to protect the environment.





Outsourcing Cleaning Services Moves Liability and Insurance Costs from you to your Commercial Cleaning Company

The fact is that outsourcing to a professional cleaning company will cut down insurance and liability costs (we’ve got you covered) a professional cleaning company will take over the costs for the insurance for cleaning as they will have the relevant insurance and right staff for the job, it becomes our responsibility. This means you won’t have to cover a large liability sum or employees in case anything goes wrong.


Outsourcing Office Cleaning Adds Up to More Professional Services

By outsourcing your cleaning, it means that you can have more cleaning done and in less time. Commercial cleaning companies like ours utilise advanced industry methods which means we can do a better standard of job while being significantly more efficient.


Get personalised cleaning services

The benefit of working with professionals means that you can consult with us and we can work together to figure out what would work best for you, what you need to be done and your needs – meaning you can get a personalised cleaning service tailored to your specific needs. A commercial cleaning company will always be willing to work with you to try and make your life as easy and convenient as possible.


Limit distractions

Having a commercial cleaning company to do your cleaning work for you definitely limits distractions you won’t have to waste time getting staff to clean when you could be using their time more wisely, furthermore, a clutter-free office is less distracting and allows a higher level of focus to be attained amongst staff.

Now that we have discussed the main reasons to outsource your cleaning service needs do you think that you are ready to commit to choosing to work with one? What should you look for in a cleaning company? Well, you should definitely choose a reputable and trustworthy cleaning company with a few years of experience under their belt to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money and a reliable cleaning company that you can trust. If you’re still not sure have a look at my company as a boundary of what a great cleaning company should look like.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope that I have been able to highlight the importance of outsourcing your cleaning needs; for any company aspiring to become the best, this is an essential service you should invest in going forward. A clean workplace is a happy workplace!


Author: Henri Alabi – Business development officer at Citywide Cleaning Services Ltd.

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