5 Ways to Get Settled After a Move


Welcome Home: 5 Ways to Get Settled After a Move

A house isn’t a home until you’ve cooked and eaten a meal as a family under its roof. But before you get that far, there are a few things you can do to make a new space your happy place.

Clean the Things You Can and Can’t See

Unless you’ve commissioned the building of a new property, your home’s previous owners likely left behind a few remnants of their existence. The best time to eliminate their footprint is before you move your furniture through the door. Spend at least a day cleaning the nooks and crannies of your new home. Moving.com recommends starting high with the ceiling fan, shelving, and other overhead fixtures that don’t often get a good wipe-down. Alternatively, consider hiring a local cleaning company!

Add a Few Personal Touches

Once things are neat and tidy, you may bring in your large pieces of furniture. These should be followed by important items, such as family photographs and your favorite throw pillows and blankets. Avoid the temptation to immediately fill your home with the entirety of your belongings. You’ll want to take a day or two to get comfortable with the layout of your new home so that you can find the best place for your stuff. Before hanging pictures, make sure to clean the frames thoroughly. Check out Today for ammonia-free cleaning instructions for frames and glass.

Help the Kids Get Comfortable

Your children may be nervous or frightful when entering your new home for the very first time. Help them ease into their new life by giving them a tour and allowing them to run through the home flipping switches and checking out all of the little hiding spots where they will soon play. Property Reporter further encourages giving your children a say throughout the decorating process. You might, for instance, let them choose the color scheme of their new bedroom or assist in choosing a light fixture for the kitchen — within reason, of course.

Tackle Easy Projects Before the Place Gets Cluttered

Even if the property is in good condition, there are a few minor home maintenance tasks that will eliminate worry further down the road — and many are best done in an empty home. If you plan to paint, do this prior to moving your furniture. Likewise, swapping out to kitchen hardware, fixing toilet or faucet leaks, and changing the air filter in your home’s heating and cooling system will prevent nagging little issues from keeping you up at night. Money Crashers offers more information on easy home maintenance projects to keep your investment in tip-top shape.

Introduce the Dog to His New Digs

If your family is one of the 26 percent of UK households with a dog, you’ve likely already anticipated moving your pet with you. But you won’t truly be settled until he’s had an opportunity to inspect each room and sniff every inch of the lawn. Upon his arrival, make sure there is a safe space where he can transition. This area should include his favorite toys and bedding. Rover recommends letting your dog visit before you move. A word of caution: If the previous tenants had pets, your dog may be encouraged to mark the territory, so make sure you deodorize the home thoroughly prior to his first time on site.

No matter how much work you put into prepping your house, it takes time for it to feel like a home. No worries. Soon, you will be making new memories, and this unfamiliar environment will become your home in body and heart.


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