8 Steps to Take When Looking For a Cleaning Company

Looking For a Commercial Cleaning Company?

Finding a good Office Cleaning Company in London can be a bit of a challenge, there are too many companies to choose from. The term ‘Office Cleaning Company London’ alone, generated over 61,700,000 results on Google as of July 2018. As an Expert in the Commercial Cleaning Sector, we have put together the following steps to help Facilities, Property and Office Managers when looking for a reliable cleaning company in London.


cleaning-company-londonUse Correct Search Terms when searching the internet for a Cleaning Company

Look for the right company that meets your requirements. The first point these days is the internet. What you get on the internet depends on how specific you are in your searches. Make sure you are clear and brief with your search terms. Make sure you use search terms that reflect your location. Local Cleaning Services are more than likely to want to visit your premises before they can give you a quote. It is easier for a Local Cleaning Company to do this than a company based in another town or district.


Contact at least 2 but not more 3 Companies

I have seen Clients who contacted over 10 different cleaning companies. In the end, they become so overwhelmed by the number of calls, inquiries and requests for a Site Visit. They also came across companies that were only interested in undercutting all the other companies just so they can win the Contract. Some of the Companies have no track record of doing any decent cleaning job


Make Sure They Arrange a Site Visit

Make sure the Company visits your premises before you accept any quotes from a Cleaning Company. It shows they are committed to providing a bespoke service that would meet your needs. No serious cleaning provider will not finalise a quote with sending someone down to do a site assessment. If a company cannot do this, please stay away from such cleaning company


Look out for Reviews & Insurance

You can access free advice from previous Clients of a Cleaning Company by reading their reviews online. Make sure you select companies that have good reviews and are insured to carry out Cleaning Services. A good Commercial Cleaning Company should have the correct level of insurance to protect you and your business should anything go wrong.


Read the Terms and Conditions

Make sure the terms and conditions of the Cleaning Company you have decided to go with clearly stipulate what is cover in the Contract. It’s good a good practice to ask for terms and conditions and read it to make sure you know exactly what is covered in the cleaning contract. It’s therefore very clear to the parties what expected from the parties right from the beginning so there would be no miscommunication going forward


Agree on Specifications with Cleaning Company

A good cleaning company would normally produce a detailed cleaning specification of what services they are offering as part of your service agreement. This should be details of what would be done on a daily, regular, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis depending on the type of service you are looking for.


Agree on Cost

Make sure you agree to a fixed cost. There is nothing worse than hidden charges that you did not plan for as you progressed into the contract. Make sure the Cleaning Company provides you with one simple quote that is easy to understand. You don’t want to get whacked with any surprise fees


Award your cleaning contract

Once you have done all of the above, you can now award your cleaning service contract the companies that meet most of the criteria set above.

Should you feel overwhelmed by all of these and would like some help in finding the right Office Cleaning Company in London. Click here for a callback and someone in our team will call you back. We are a top Commercial Cleaning Company serving most of London based brands


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