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Three Top Tips to Maintain Employee Performance as Summer Swelters




We rejoice when summer arrives; although a sweltering office can often be more of a chore than a cause for celebration. Employers have an obligation to offer a clean, pleasant working environment throughout the year, so Waterlogic has several suggestions for how to bring the best out of your team, even as the sun burns down.

From ample supplies of chilled, filtered drinking water to an array of comfortable office chairs, perhaps even team-building days out the office for a break from routine. It pays to be imaginative when seeking to motivate; particularly, at times when the mind might rather be outdoors. Focus on internal initiatives that enable personal development; embrace employee well-being with the inclusion of air-conditioning; or make the most of the simple options like encouraging an outdoor lunch. Read on to discover a few words of worldly wisdom, alongside the necessary steps we all must take.



The arrival of summer can be a blessing and a difficulty. We all enjoy warmer days and longer evenings, but the prospect of being inside an office becomes much harder to bear. However, there are several simple steps employers can take to get their best from their team, even as the sun shines outdoors.


Tip 1 – Hydration Helps Clear Thinking

Dehydration affects performance in many ways. If employees are not drinking enough fluid, they may suffer from a decline in cognitive performance as their short-term memory fades or they struggle with specific actions. Your mood can also be affected by hydration, so if you want the office to remain harmonious, be sure to have adequate drinking water sources around the office. A water cooler not only makes for a convenient spot for a quick catch-up, but also actively improves the mood of the office by keeping the team topped up.


Tip 2 – Source High-Quality Office Furniture and Commercial Cleaning Service

A modern work-space is as much about capturing the right employee experience as it is ensuring teams can simply do their job. The marketplace for new hires has never been so competitive, so presenting a clean and an attractive office is a de facto offering of any business. The point becomes more pertinent as temperatures soar, employees seek sanctuary at their desks and hope for respite from the sultry.  outdoors. Office chairs are the first item to get right, as an adjustable seat allows employees to:

  • Create their perfect workspace
  • Improve posture
  • And remain comfortable during the summer

Similarly, office desks are vital to productivity, enabling a sense of order when the warmth can create stress. While those in the capital often seek office furniture in London to create a break-out room if one’s desk becomes too stifling – communal space is now common-place in most offices throughout the UK. Employee experience can be further enhance by the provision of a clean office environment by hiring a competent professional cleaning company in London


Tip 3 – Head Outdoors for Team-building

While the right office environment is integral to daily productivity, team-building activities can provide a timely boost thanks to a break from the norm. Moreover, by taking the team off-site, you will likely build cross-functional relationships between employees who may rarely find time to socialise.

Never underestimate the benefits of a group day in the sunshine – but avoid the traps of the cliched ‘trust-building’ exercises, instead focussing on social gatherings or a day’s volunteering.


Maintaining Motivation as the Sun Shines



Employers have many tools to keep the team’s eyes on the tasks at hand, even when the skies are blue. The quickest way to recognise an office’s dedication is through a company social coupled with employee rewards. Nothing spells summer like an annual get-together, and such events can be a great morale-boosting occasion. Enjoy the clear skies, step beyond the daily routine and recognise the efforts of those round in a less-formal environment.

While large events can be a tremendous short-term mood-boosting occasion, nothing is more effective over the long-term than maintaining a positive atmosphere. Encourage a transparent company culture in which employees communicate freely, as strong communication is one of the most sought-after – yet often overlooked – office attributes. Create a space where feedback is provided, employees interact, and management visibly acknowledges good performance.

Similarly, personal development plans help evaluate ongoing progress, as well as plan what’s next. Summers are often the quieter months, so take the opportunity to bring teams together for moments of self-reflection. Establish what has gone well, and what to improve upon for the year ahead.


When the Heatwave Hits

Even the UK suffers from the heat on rare occasions; so, when the mercury tops out, make sure to be prepared. Air-conditioning may seem like a luxury in a temperate climate. However, experts estimate that an unusually warm summer could cost London as much as £2 billion, putting the cost of an air-conditioning unit into perspective. A simpler fix falls in suggesting employees take a break from their desks during the lunch-hour and venturing outdoors. Sitting in green space for just a short period can boost well-being, reduce stress, and even engender a stronger sense of connection – all-the-while overcoming the excessive heat.


Enjoy Summer!

Employee well-being must be the number-one priority throughout the year and becomes increasingly important during periods of incumbent weather. By providing adequate supplies of chilled drinking water, allowing the team to enjoy the fair weather, and actively encouraging a positive atmosphere in the workplace, there is no reason not to maintain the sunshine cheer throughout the rest of the year as well!



Heat waves, productivity, and the urban economy: What are the costs?

Tips: How to Clean Office Carpet and Kitchen Area


Tips: How to Clean Office Carpet and Kitchen Area


Maintaining and Cleaning Office Carpet

Office carpets can easily become the dirtiest part of the entire building. It can effortlessly attract dirt, mud and greasy residue from other parts of the office. Dirt and dust from the wheels of chairs and the underside of furniture can get trapped and overall, it becomes a bit of an eyesore.

Regularly spot clean any stains and spills as soon as they happen is the easiest way to keep your carpet looking better for the time being. Vacuuming at least twice a week is a must to keep dirt and dust from accumulating. It is smart to have a cleaning service come in and really shampoo and steam clean your carpet to make sure it is as clean as possible. It depends on how big your business is and how much traffic it has, but you’ll want to do this every 2-week to a month depending. Your carpet needs to be taken care of to avoid employees getting sick or having allergic reactions to dirt and dust within the fibres. Sometimes there are microscopic bacteria and dirt that can still get us feeling pretty bad, even if we can’t see them. So be on top of cleaning with a Professional Office Cleaning Company, as well as putting in some of your own efforts!


Maintaining and Cleaning Tea Points, Kitchen and Kitchenettes

Maintaining the office break room and kitchen area are some of the most important things you can do. You want your employees to stay healthy and eat food in a clean environment. Ingesting bacteria is one of the quickest ways to get sick, so constant cleaning of the kitchen and break room area is important. It is also important that the chemicals used are safe so that they, too, don’t make people sick. Here’s a brief run-down of what should be done:


  1. All dishes should be washed if a common sink is shared. This should really be done by employees as they use them.  Another way to avoid a pileup is to use disposable plates and utensils.


  1. The sink should be cleaned and disinfected. The sponge used to clean the sink and counters should be replaced every week or so.


  1. The microwave should be wiped down, inside and out. Bacteria can fester and thrive inside, contaminating any other food that goes in.


  1. The fridge should be cleaned out at least once a month. Employees should be notified of the tossing of food in case they want to save anything. It should be disinfected entirely and defrosted.

These sorts of tasks can be performed to a good level by an expert Cleaning Company like Citywide Cleaning Services. You can be sure to always have a clean kitchen.

Top 10 Tips on Doing a Final Clean Before Moving Home

Top 10 Tips on Doing a Final Clean Before Moving Home/Office

When it comes to moving house or an office, cleaning is the one task that always needs to be done. While some people love cleaning, there are many of us who don’t enjoy it all and if you are moving out of a place, the clean needs to be pretty thorough. So, how do you take the hard work out of cleaning?

These top 10 tips will not only leave your place looking clean but will help get the job done quickly. This checklist is for people that decide to do the final clean themselves and not hire a professional cleaning company. For the sake of leaving your property in the best possible condition, we always recommend using an experienced cleaning company that not only has the right tools and products but also know how to clean difficult areas properly.


1. Make a Checklist
Make a checklist of the rooms and the items in those rooms that need to be cleaned, e.g. the oven in the kitchen, etc.


2. Clean Once the House or the Office is Empty
Cleaning once all furniture and boxes have been moved out by removalists will make cleaning easier.


3. Have the Right Tools
Have all the cleaning supplies you need such as brooms, cleaning cloths, disinfectant, buckets, and gloves, etc before you start.


4. Start from the Furthest Point from the Front Door
By starting in the rooms that are furthest from the front door you eliminate the chance of messing up the already clean spaces.


5. Clean from the Top Down
Start cleaning from the tops of the cupboards and shelves so that any dust that falls won’t mess up already clean floors.


6. Clean One Room at a Time
Once you start cleaning a room, finish it. This will save having to go back and forward checking if everything’s clean.


7. Use Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus oil is great for removing stubborn stains especially those left by adhesives (blu tack, sticky tape, etc).


8. Use Bi-Carb Soda to Clean the Oven
Bi-Carb Soda is great for removing grease and stains from the oven.


9. Finish with the Floors
Give the floors a final vacuum and mop just before you leave for the last time.


10. Set-Up a Fun and Upbeat Playlist
Listen to your favourite music while you clean, you’ll be having so much fun you may forget you’re cleaning! Hopefully, these tips will help take the hard work out of cleaning before your next move.


This article was written in conjunction with Hire A Mover a professional Sydney removalist company.

How to Reduce Employee Sick Leave During the Winter



According to the Office for National Statistics, UK employees took an average of 4.1 days off work through illness in 2017. Despite a steady decline in sickness absence rates since 1993, estimates show British firms lose as much as £77 billion through absenteeism each year.  Although Illness can take its toll at any time of year; colds, influenza, and other viruses become prevalent during winter, making the coldest months some of the most expensive.


Rhinovirus or the common cold?

Over 200 hundred viruses can cause a cold, but rhinoviruses are the most common as dropping humidity, and lower temperatures contribute to their proliferation and spread and hence, seasonal outbreaks.


25,000 people die of influenza each year

The flu virus thrives in colder, less humid air, and contaminates indoor surfaces. As we begin to take shelter from the cold outside, we unknowingly increase our risk of catching influenza indoors. The precise timing of ‘flu season’ varies but cases start to rise from October, peaking December through February, before declining in March.

The below graph shows how cases of influenza spiked during the New Year period in 2017-2018, where just one year early, cases remained relatively stable throughout winter.


Why does illness spread at work?

Colds and flu spread through direct or indirect bodily contact. A handshake, sharing a phone, even using the soap dispenser can lead to an outbreak. The viruses survive up to 24 hours on hard surfaces meaning, once the flu arrives, it can rapidly spread through any of the following paths.

  1. Coughs and sneezes: Sneezes contain 40,000 droplets of bacteria-spreading moisture, which can travel up to 32 feet, putting those around us at risk of infection. Cover your nose and mouth if you cough, or sneeze, and throw tissues straight in the bin.


  1. Contaminated surfaces: one study found the average work phone is the most contaminated surface in the office with over 25,000 bacterial organisms, while Initial Washroom Hygiene uncovered 17x more germs on an office teabag than a toilet seat highlighting the risk of shared spaces.


  1. Inadequate cleaning: Some areas are just harder to clean, as discovered by health organisation NSF International when it found 7 million germs per square inch on the water tap of a typical water dispenser.

As noted by antimicrobial experts, BioCote®, bottled water dispensers must be unscrewed, then placed in warm water and sliced lemon for 12 hours to ensure they remain hygienic, so it’s easy to see how bottled water coolers can cause the biggest flu-like headaches.

Use BioCote® technology to kill office germs

Desk surfaces harbour 400x more bacteria than a typical toilet seat, which you can now keep bacteria-free with BioCote antimicrobial technology. Imagine the productivity you could unlock in avoiding infection alongside keeping your team happy and healthy.

A lab study exposed five different bacteria to BioCote® silver ion-treated laminates. Over the course of 28 days, the material supported no visible mould, showing how BioCote prevents the growth and spread of potentially harmful microbes. By infusing BioCote technology to desks, kitchen appliances, bathroom facilities, offices can protect their workforce throughout the year, not just the winter months.


Avoiding employee illness supports your bottom line

In total, British workers miss 130 million days-a-year at a huge cost to employers. Several sectors have begun investing in measures to reduce employee absenteeism, realising a return on investment of £31 for every £1 invested, highlighting the economic benefits of preserving a healthy workforce.

Nottingham Business School shows workers spend 2.5 weeks-a-year at work feeling under the weather, costing £4,000 per employee in lost productivity. The critical advice to employers is to keep ill employees at home until at least 24-hours after their fever has gone.


How often should the office be cleaned?

By regularly disinfecting commonly touched items such as the computer keyboard, the office phone and door handles, you can prevent germs from spreading across the workplace. The consistency of an in-depth office clean is based on various factors, such as the size of your office, its purpose and your occupants. To keep your office sparkling and your employees healthy, invest in a professional office cleaning service and you’ll never have to worry about whether your office space is clean. You can ensure a high standard of cleanliness is maintained through regular, light cleaning and control allergens like dust mites that thrive in dirty and dusty environments.


Prevention is better than a cure

Acting before an outbreak is a more efficient strategy than merely responding to it. Antimicrobial offices with a BioCote-infused water dispenser avoid the risk of infection; fewer employees become ill because of contaminated surfaces; your business continues to boom.

If you invest in appliances and office products infused with BioCote technology to fortify yourself before winter arrives, you will reap the rewards.

The world’s leading supplier of sustainable water cooler solutions, Waterlogic is an advocate for productive work environments and employee health. In our effort to raise awareness about workplace wellbeing, we cover the essential question on every business owner’s mind at winter: How to reduce employee sickness? Cold and flu viruses affect employees, costing economies billions. By introducing virus-prevention strategies, offices can inoculate themselves against the winter fallout helping protect the business’ bottom line in preparation for healthy Christmas cheer.

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