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8 Reasons Why You Should Use a Local Cleaning Company

8 Reasons Why You Should Use a Local Cleaning Company

There is nothing more frustrating for a busy Office Manager than having to contact an existing Cleaning Service provider about a problem only to find out the Regional Manager responsible for sorting out the problem is based in another City and it would take at least a week to arrange a meeting due to the distance. While it may seem fashionable for some people to only hire large, UK-wide cleaning companies, evidence has shown that may not always translate into effective and efficient cleaning performance by these large companies. In fact, you are better off hiring local cleaning companies who understand the needs of companies in your area.  Here are 10 reasons you should use a cleaning company near to you.


Ability to respond to problems quickly – One key benefits of hiring a local cleaning company is that they are able to respond to your needs quicker. Because of their proximity to your office, it is easier to book additional services, arrange a site visit and attend to problems very quickly.


Closer Working Relationship

Having a local cleaning company to clean your office can lead to better performance, relationship as the managers can always keep a close eye on their staff performances. It is also easier to maintain a good relationship with the management in that they are very easy to access. With a local company, you get a more personalised service because they are just a few minutes away if you want to see your cleaning service provider


Promoting Local Businesses

By outsourcing your cleaning service to a local London Office Cleaning Company, you will be supporting the local economy. This ultimately will boost the local economy and help alleviate unemployment in the area.


Knowledge of the Local Area

A local cleaning company is accustomed to the local area, the traffic, the shops and other businesses in the area. They are able to use all these to your advantage


Competitive pricing

Doing business with a local cleaning company can be cheaper than you think. Materials cost is reduced because they do not to transport them to the area.


Better Value for Money

Local Cleaning Companies have a name to protect in the area. They are socially responsible through their connection to the area. They would like to do a good job for local companies because they wouldn’t like to be branded as a bad company.


Recruitment of Local Staff

Another key benefit of hiring a local cleaning company is the alleviation of unemployment in the local area. Hiring a local commercial cleaning company is a great way of supporting the local economy as more people in the area will be in employment. This will ultimately lead to increased spending in the area


Reduced environmental Effect

When you hire a local cleaning company, you are also supporting the environment from the impact of commuting to and from work. The staff are going to be local which means they don’t have to travel far to get to work


Should you feel you need help choosing the right cleaning company in your area, why not contact Citywide Cleaning Services today to see how they can help you

Cleanliness is Critical in Maintaining an Infection Free Workplace

Cleanliness is Critical in Maintaining an Infection Free Workplace

Infections are invasions of the human body by disease-causing agents, their multiplication, and the reaction of host tissues to the infectious agents and toxins they produce. An infectious disease is also known as a communicable disease. They are illness resulting from an infection. Infections are caused by unhealthy agents like viruses, and prions. Much bigger ones like bacteria, nematodes such as parasitic roundworms and pinworms and arthropods such as ticks, mites, fleas, and lice. Others are ringworm and other macro-parasites such as tapeworms and other helminths. To avoid these infections, many measures should be taken. Most of these methods revolve around cleanliness. Infection prevention techniques like hand washing, wearing gowns, and wearing face masks can help prevent infections from being passed from one person to another.


The need for cleanliness in the office cannot be overemphasized in any situation. A clean workplace means more than just having a sparkling, fresh building. A clean workplace also ensures the safety and health of employees and visitors. Yearly, about 3 million non-fatal office injuries and illnesses are recorded in the private industry alone.  Workplace injuries can be avoided by taking actions to ensure tidy, clean and safe work environment. Some important reasons to ensure cleanliness of the workplace is outlined below:


  1. Clean and dry floors prevent falls, slips and bruises.

When the office floors are clean and dry, accidents like slips and falls in the workplace are easily avoidable. Different categories of floor cleaners serve different purposes. Most offices use alkaline cleaners which have proven to be good for cleaning restaurant floors.  There are also acidic cleaners that remove rust, scale, and oxides from floors. It is good to note that some products may contain chemicals that can be detrimental to your flooring, so be sure to talk with an expert about what is best for your facility. Also, keep your floors dry by using absorbent materials, such as floor mats, in functional locations to remove moisture and soil from the bottom of shoes.


  1. Disinfectants inhibit the spread of germs and illness around the Offices, including the flu.

Germs can quickly spread throughout a workplace, particularly during flu season—but disinfecting surfaces, desks and objects with EPA-registered, clinical disinfectants can stop bacteria in their tracks. Check out our blog post for more ways your workplace can beat the flu season.


  1. Proper air filtration lowers employee exposure to hazardous substances.

Though not visible to the naked eyes, dust and vapours are hazardous substances that can cause an unsafe environment for employees. Building ventilation is an essential factor in reducing the airborne spread of respiratory infections and maintaining the health and productivity of workers. Regularly cleaning or replacing HVAC system filters prevents them from becoming saturated, which could lead to potential microbial growth and odour concerns. Vacuum cleaners built with HEPA filters may also capture fine particles. Maintaining humidity in the office at around 30 to 50 percent by using a dehumidifier is also crucial in eliminating air pollutants and promoting clean air in the workplace.


  1. Clean light fixtures improve lighting efficiency.

Dirty light fixtures can reduce essential light levels, making it difficult and unsafe for employees to complete their daily tasks. Clean light fixtures significantly improve lighting efficiency in the workplace. Well-lit stairways and aisles are also crucial in preventing accidents and maintaining a safe work environment.


  1. A green lifestyle is safer for both your workforce and the environment.

There are various cleaning products, and some are held to a higher standard than others. Products with third-party certifications, such as Green Seal or GREENGUARD, must meet specific rules and guidelines, which ensures they’re healthier for both people and the environment. Also, ensure you maintain and review Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for proper handling and storage of the products used in your facility.


  1. Proper waste disposal and recyclable materials keep work areas clutter-free.

Allowing trash to pile up not only produces clutter, but it also presents a breeding ground for pests that pose a threat to your work environment. Placing “no-touch” wastebaskets in key locations throughout your facility ensures materials are disposed of and reduces the spread of germs. Recycling materials using labelled waste receptacles also makes for a more sustainable environment.


Further Cleanliness tips that help both client and employees prevent infections in the workplace.


  1. Clean Your Hands
  • Use soap and warm water. Rub your hands really well for at least 15 seconds. Rub your palms, fingernail, in between your fingers, and the backs of your hands.
  • Or, if your hands do not look dirty, clean them with alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Rub the sanitizer all over your hands, especially under your nails and between your fingers, until your hands are dry
  • Clean your hands before touching or eating food. Clean them after you use the bathroom, take out the trash, change a diaper, visit someone who is ill, or play with a pet.



  1. Make sure healthcare providers clean their hands or wear gloves.
  • Doctors, nurses, dentist and other health care providers come into contact with lots of bacteria and viruses. So before they treat you, ask them if they’ve cleaned their hands.
  • Healthcare providers should wear clean gloves when they perform tasks such as taking blood, touching wounds or body fluids and examining your mouth or private parts. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they should wear gloves.


  1. Cover your mouth and nose.
  • Many diseases are spread through sneezes and coughs. When you sneeze or cough, the germs can travel 3 feet or more! Cover your mouth and nose to prevent the spread of infection to others.
  • Use a tissue! Keep tissues handy at home, at work and in your pocket. Be sure to throw away used tissues and then clean your hands.
  • If you don’t have a tissue, cover your mouth and nose with the bend of your elbow or hands. If you use your hands, clean them right away.


  1. If you are sick, avoid close contact with others.
  • If you are sick, stay away from other people or stay home. Don’t shake hands or touch others
  • When you go for medical treatment, call ahead and ask if there’s anything you can do to avoid infecting people in the waiting room.


In conclusion, you can keep your workplace clean and free of infection by hiring a Professional London Office Cleaning Company. These Guys have years of experience and expertise to do exactly that.


Cleaning and its Impact on Businesses


Office Cleaning and its Impact on Your Businesses

Every business’ main objective is to make a profit. To do this Companies need to maintain a positive image and retain clients’ confidence. If your business is situated in a clean surrounding, it will have a positive impact on the fortunes of the business. Cleaning can help improve customer’s likeability of your brand. After all, people like to buy and identify with a squeaky-clean image. Cleanliness is one of the best ways of attracting customers to a brand or a product. Your business environment can create a negative or positive impact on your brand. Every entrepreneur should be more focused on a clean business environment for their staff to work in and for the Clients to see whenever the visit. Here are some of the effects a clean business environment can have on your brand;



Every client that approaches your brand wants to know more about your business before they purchase your product or service. Consumers are generally impressed and are more likely to want to buy from you if when they enter into your office and they saw a clean well-arranged office. Moreover, all business organisations want to improve the experience of their clientele and a clean environment will enhance their confidence and motivate them to inform other people about their experience which ultimately will lead to more sales. Once your brand offers a satisfactory experience for the clients, retaining the loyalty of the customers will not be a problem. For instance, grocery stores cannot afford to look dirty as these are the places where individuals shop for their daily needs such as edible foods and other stuff.



A dirty business atmosphere can tarnish the reputation of your brand. Clients, as well as employees, are motivated by a clean office environment. When your prospective clients come for a business meeting, a clean environment can encourage clients to buy from your brand and create a business long last relationship with your company. Engaging the services of a reliable cleaning company will help you maintain a positive image which will speak for your business. A clean environment will make your business to stand out amongst other competitors offering similar services. Regular Cleaning of your office will, undoubtedly, have an immediate and continuing beneficial impacts on your business.



Working in a clean business environment will improve the health and well-being of employees. It is a known fact that infections are present in office settings as employees often bring food items and snacks to the workplace. When a commercial cleaning company is hired to clean the office environment, the presence of germs is reduced significantly without endangering the lives of the workers. Several commercial cleaning companies are available in London but it is an excellent idea to choose the best firm that will promote the health of your workers. When employees are working in a clean environment, their health status will improve and they will be more efficient and productive. When the employees are in good health, they will perform at an optimal level which will maximize the brand’s output.



A clean business environment has a crucial role in the projecting of a positive brand image to the prospective clients. When employees are healthy, the company will have more members of staff at work each working day, and the productivity level will be increased. A clean environment will prevent the spending of money on medical expenses by the company. Employees spend an average of forty hours at work on a weekly basis and contribute their quota to the completion of the task at hand. When employees work in an environment that is devoid of infections, money that would have been spent on medical expenses when someone is sick can be used for better projects.



A brand with a clean business environment will ensure the staff is motivated and in the right state of mind to start the job of the day. When these employees are in the right mood, it shows in their attitude towards work. A motivated staff is the best set of individuals a company can hire as they strive to make sure the objectives and aims of the brand that hired them are achieved. Working in a clean business environment can inspire them to focus on their goals and deliver excellent services to the satisfaction of their employers and clients.



Working in a cluttered work environment can be a challenge and have an impact on the productivity of the employees. cleaning

It will make them more disorganized in their daily activities but the best method to improve the productivity of workers is by engaging the services of a commercial cleaning company. The life of every business brand is to ensure the satisfaction of each customer is guaranteed, but it cannot be achieved without the productive contribution of every stakeholder. Once employees are assured of a clean business environment, they can work with peace of mind and deliver incredible services that will lead to customer satisfaction



If you a business based in London and looking to keep your business premises as clean as possible. Citywide Office Cleaning Company London would be your best bet. They are one of the best cleaning companies in London. Visit to see how they can help

Cleaning Companies in London


What Makes Citywide One of the Best Cleaning Companies in London

As professionals in your field, it is understandable that some tasks are better off outsourced to other professionals. Your office cleaning might not pop up as the most urgent of all your office needs, but you know that a clean space is a powerful incentive and motivational tools for your staff and clients alike. It is true that clients and visitors coming in and out of your office are likely to draw a lot of conclusions from the way your office is kept.

Could it be that your current office cleaning London provider won’t keep their promise to work to your specifications? Are you tired of having to momentarily close down shop just because your office cleaner could not get your offices cleaned up in time for work or properly? Or are you looking for a full-fledged cleaning service provider for the London office you just moved into?


If you answered a resounding yes to anyone of the above questions, then there probably hasn’t been a better time to make amends and seek a much better office cleaning London specialist to take care of your office cleaning needs. Let me start by stating makes a good office cleaning service provider in London?


London-based Office Cleaning Experts

Seeing that your office block is based within one of the largest cities in the world, the last thing you’d need is an office cleaner that’s miles out from the location of your business. Instead, a Citywide Office Cleaning Company is well suited to get to your office block fast and conveniently as we cover all London postcodes. Choosing expert cleaners located in close proximity to your office is always a good call. Only then you could be assured of timely cleaning services; office-cleaning routines should never interfere with your organization’s business. Communication procedures and office cleaning supplies delivery would be much less of a panic with such an arrangement.


Professional, 5-star office cleaning in London

Here are some of the testimonials by our Clients:


“They have always proven themselves to be reliable, professional and efficient. We would highly recommend them to other estate agents” – Estate Agent

“Our clients have even noted our highly improved levels of cleaning. Thanks for your good reliable cleaners and keep up the good work.” -Joanne, Client – London


Figures never lie, but it’s the customers’ happy recommendations that really count. Word of mouth recommendations are particularly a preserve of the very best of service delivery. A mirror for what other clients can expect in return for accepting to take a splash and have their office space cared for by the expert, human office cleaners. That assures you that someone, and not just something, is considering every part of your specifications as far as cleaning goes.


Contemporary Office and Office Cleaning Services

Contemporary office and office furniture designs call for equally (if not better) compatible office cleaning services. Getting your glass top office furniture, wood finished accessories and floor messed up is probably not what you’d have had in mind when you first called in office cleaners. Such specialized accessories require specialized knowledge, cleaning equipment and handling. You would need office cleaning experts that are contemporary from the inside out. Thus the personnel dispensed to clean up your space would do good to be well enlightened on the workings of both their equipment and your office’s. The same way a drug store attendant is of great help to buyers if they have genuine knowledge on the different drugs and prescriptions you’d be searching for on the shelves.


Premium Office Cleaning London Services at a Bargain 

Citywide Cleaning Services will help you create an unforgettable customer experience each time a client visits your site without breaking the bank. Probably, the number one reason you ever considered outsourcing your cleaning work to other professionals is to help you save a couple of pounds in the process. Whether you would be looking to have the services rendered to you on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, you should be able to find an affordable pricing to fit for your office cleaning London based requirements.


A Broad range of Office Cleaning Services

Citywide Office Cleaning London offers a number of specialised services are suitable for companies of all sizes. It means you would save chunks of time in not having to call in different office cleaners for different cleaning jobs. In addition, Cleaning Company providing a variety of services to a diverse clientele are likely to have the experience and necessary skills to make yours a spotless experience. From eco-friendly cleaning services for environmental conservation organisations, washrooms for schools and private functions, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, stripping, waxing and burnishing to trash and construction site clean-up services, there’s are just a few of our services to look at. For more information on how to find a good Professional Office Cleaners in London, it’s always a great idea to contact a reputed Specialist Office Cleaning Services London first!