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10 Reasons to Outsource your Office Cleaning Services

You might have wondered whether or not it is worth it to outsource your office cleaning needs, you may have looked around an untidy office in dismay, unsure of where to begin. Well, let me help alleviate that stress from you and let you know why exactly, it is so important to not only have a clean and tidy office environment but also to outsource the work to professionals like

Now, let’s talk about what it means to have a clean office and why it so important – there are a number of reasons that contribute to this so let us discuss some. Firstly a clean working environment is conducive to a higher standard of work. This is a fact. In fact, statistics show that the average employee loses 9 working days per year due to sickness, which can, of course, be attributed to a lack of workplace hygiene. Harvard studies also show that an untidy workspace greatly hindered a person’s ability to persist with normal tasks and overall decreased their productivity. Cleanliness in the workplace can also improve time management and efficiency, mental wellbeing of employees, workplace focus, profits, morale and the attendance of your employees.

A clean office is not only appealing to the eye of your employees but also new potential clients and business partners; having a clean office will show that you are serious and ready to do business. So why outsource?

There are a number of reasons to outsource, especially to professionals like myself, however, there are two main reasons which are again, productivity and also the fact that it is more cost-effective for any business in the long run. When outsourcing your cleaning services to an external company, this takes away some of the workload for yourself, which in turn allows you to dedicate more time to important matters. Here are 10 Reasons to Outsource your Office Cleaning Services:


Improves your focus on core competencies

Outsourcing work to a professional company allows you to focus on the core competencies, the main strategies that you can employ to ensure that your business flourishes, this way if you leave the cleaning to us – you can focus on the more pertinent tasks of decisions making, client service and conflict resolution.


Better standards when handled by professionals

Now although this might seem obvious, it really is true – cleaning companies like my own have had years of experience and can offer very high standards when it comes to office cleaning, hence being professionals in this field. So by employing our services not only can you be guaranteed a better standard of cleaning, but also the freedom to allow you to focus on your area of specialism – we’ll take care of the cleaning so that you don’t have to worry about it!


Better cleanliness ensures greater productivity

As I have mentioned briefly before, better cleanliness ensures greater productivity, I can’t stress this enough. This is perhaps the most prominent reason that you should choose to dedicate your cleaning services to a professional, great productivity is vital to a successful business as this directly influences profitability and efficiency. Outsourcing can bring a lot to a business, delegating the cleaning to us allows your time and effort to go into other things; what we can offer as professionals is top of the range cleaning products coupled with years of cleaning knowledge and experience in addition to this your office will not only be clean to the eye but to the touch to. What I mean by this is that professional cleaning companies like mine use top quality products that are anti-bacterial and ensure that your office is as hygienic as possible. Now as I said earlier hygiene in the workplace is fundamental to productivity because a workspace free of germs means that employees will be averaging less sick days which means more work will be done and your company can grow.


Flexible and scalable on-demand service

The best thing about outsourcing your cleaning service is that you don’t have to be at work, or require other employees to be at work as well, this means you can spend less on overtime costs and allows you to free up your time more. As a professional cleaning company, we have the flexibility to work around the needs of our client, you. This means that we are able to clean the office after the day’s work has been completed or even in the morning before the day commences, meaning the office is already neat and tidy when you get there so you can get straight into work with no other hassles or worries (we can even clean offices during lunch hours). Now some cleaning companies require you to meet a minimum number of hours, but for the most part this service is still very scalable, any external cleaning would be more than happy to work out a schedule with the client and allocate different hours or shifts within the week to suit you, the client.

No cleaning service is too big or little, so don’t hesitate to reach out to the company and ask them to provide you with a quote. Cleaning with an outsourced service is very much like an on-demand service, meaning you only pay for the hours used and that you can cancel anytime.


Cost-effective and profitable

Although you a paying for a clean service you will really save money in the long run for a number of reasons. Firstly the higher standard of cleaning that we offer means that we can do more for less and your office will generally stay cleaner for longer. Secondly, the fact that we take this pressure off of your hands means that you can increase your profits by being able to focus on important work. Furthermore, you will be able to cut down on HR costs, you won’t need to account for extra staff training, sickness and employee benefits.


Easy to upkeep standards and eco-friendliness

This becomes one less thing you have to worry about! The professionals are one step ahead; people like myself and others in this sector know about the best products and eco-friendly alternatives that we can use, in order to be kinder to our planet. eco-friendly-cleaningCleaning companies like my own are with the times and know which products to use which keep up with the correct and most recent standards to this day, we can also source environmentally friendly products or products that create a low carbon footprint which can enhance your business brand and show that you are working to protect the environment.





Outsourcing Cleaning Services Moves Liability and Insurance Costs from you to your Commercial Cleaning Company

The fact is that outsourcing to a professional cleaning company will cut down insurance and liability costs (we’ve got you covered) a professional cleaning company will take over the costs for the insurance for cleaning as they will have the relevant insurance and right staff for the job, it becomes our responsibility. This means you won’t have to cover a large liability sum or employees in case anything goes wrong.


Outsourcing Office Cleaning Adds Up to More Professional Services

By outsourcing your cleaning, it means that you can have more cleaning done and in less time. Commercial cleaning companies like ours utilise advanced industry methods which means we can do a better standard of job while being significantly more efficient.


Get personalised cleaning services

The benefit of working with professionals means that you can consult with us and we can work together to figure out what would work best for you, what you need to be done and your needs – meaning you can get a personalised cleaning service tailored to your specific needs. A commercial cleaning company will always be willing to work with you to try and make your life as easy and convenient as possible.


Limit distractions

Having a commercial cleaning company to do your cleaning work for you definitely limits distractions you won’t have to waste time getting staff to clean when you could be using their time more wisely, furthermore, a clutter-free office is less distracting and allows a higher level of focus to be attained amongst staff.

Now that we have discussed the main reasons to outsource your cleaning service needs do you think that you are ready to commit to choosing to work with one? What should you look for in a cleaning company? Well, you should definitely choose a reputable and trustworthy cleaning company with a few years of experience under their belt to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money and a reliable cleaning company that you can trust. If you’re still not sure have a look at my company as a boundary of what a great cleaning company should look like.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope that I have been able to highlight the importance of outsourcing your cleaning needs; for any company aspiring to become the best, this is an essential service you should invest in going forward. A clean workplace is a happy workplace!


Author: Henri Alabi – Business development officer at Citywide Cleaning Services Ltd.

Office Hygiene: Experiences, perceptions and implications for businesses


What is Meant by Office Hygiene?

Some needs must be met for a business to function properly, and one of them is hygiene. The productiveness of a company can be affected by how clean and hygienic it is. This explains why most companies based in the UK prefer hiring an Office Cleaning London Company to get the job done for them. Many things affect the hygiene of an organisation. Other than just ensuring that the kitchen, working, and dining areas are clean, it is essential to ensure that the overall layout of the workplace encourages hygiene itself. Therefore, it is accurate to conclude that office hygiene is determined by its cleanliness and overall layout of the workspace.


Peoples Experience

When a company has a good and clean work environment, the employees tend to do more than just making themselves comfortable. They also make it great and pleasurable for others (clients and contractors) to be around them. If someone has good hygiene, they bring it wherever they go, including their workplace, and the same principle applies to organisations.


Most of the time, it is easy to tell the image of a company by looking at the employees who work there. This implies that it goes far beyond dressing professionally and carrying yourself professionally. If you have workers, they should understand that professionalism entails a lot of traits, and they should be able to manifest them all. Your employees need to be hygienic, and this should not only be focused on earning your organisation an impressive reputation. It should also be done because you are interested in ensuring that your workers are healthy and safe as long as they are working for you.


One of the greatest ways to achieve utmost hygiene is by coming up with hygiene policies and ensuring that they are adhered to. Below are some of the key reasons your organization should embrace cleanliness in the workspace.



There are things that are usually assumed by the people responsible for office hygiene. Most of the time, these perceptions are created by individuals looking for excuses as to why they might not be able to give their workers a good and healthy workplace. Let us look at the common office hygiene perceptions:


  • It is expensive to maintain office hygiene

Most of the time, individuals think that hiring an office cleaning company in London is one of the most expensive ventures that might have to deal with. But this is not the reality in the long run. It is vital for such individuals to take a look at the impacts of these services to their organisations in the long run. The fact is that it is usually more expensive to live and work in an unhygienic environment compared to when you keep it clean and tidy.


Some business owners tend to think that once they have decluttered the workspace and hovered the carpet, they are good to go. Now let us look at the fact that they might be overlooking. If a company hires a team to deep-clean the work area, they will be keeping the area hygienic and healthy. In the long-run, there will be fewer sick-offs, and this means that your workers will be productive. Also, amid the deep-cleaning, they will be getting rid of bacteria and viruses that are hiding in the furniture and might be easily spread among the workers. When the areas and surfaces are kept clean, the company will spend less money taking care of sick workers.


The other thing is that deep-cleaning the furniture will keep them clean and in good shape. In case something needs repair, you will be informed by the cleaning company. In the long-run, you will not need to re-furnish the area; something that usually costs a lot of money. From the explanations above, it is easy to see that spending money to hire a cleaning company might seem expensive, but it is economical in the long-run.


Implications for Businesses

If you have been wondering whether office cleaning company London is an expensive venture, or rather unnecessary, now you might have a different idea already. It has tremendous benefits that make it one of the things you should be doing regularly. The other thing is that your company stands to enjoy a good image that will actually place it on top of the competition. As mentioned above, healthier workers means productive employees and this is important for any organisation. As the person in charge of the cleanliness of your company, you should make sure that these things are done so that you also prevent common accidents such as trips, falls, and slips.


Office Cleaning Companies

Office cleaning companies do a great job of ensuring that you have the best workspace for your employees. They do more than just decluttering and hovering the place. They have the right equipment to ensure that you get premium services as regularly as you wish. However, they vary in terms of policy and the quality of services they provide. This means you should run a background search on a company before letting them take care of the project for you. Only hire a company if you are happy with the reputation that they have earned on the market over time.


Office Cleaning in London

As mentioned above, there is no need for you to spend money on hiring a company that might not give you the quality services you deserve. Many of the top-rated office cleaning company London organisations have been there for a long time, and they have worked for many companies across the nation. While they provide clients with high-quality, reliable services, they will never charge exorbitant fees. They have a team of experienced cleaners who know the areas that need to be targeted. This means that you will keep your workplace clean at all times as long as you sign a contract with them.


The Final Thought

Office hygiene is important in every sense of the word. Though it might sound expensive, it can save your organisation a lot of money in the long run. Make sure that you hire the right cleaning company to get the job done and you will not regret it.


7 Premises You Can’t Clean Without Assistance from a Commercial Cleaning Company



Premises You Can’t Clean Without Assistance from a Commercial Cleaning Company

For cleaning to give satisfying results, it has to be done by experts. Cleaning companies have honed their skills to make that office, school, or industry look neat. A cleaning company turns a messy office in an appealing and comfortable place. Anyone can do cleaning, but a cleaning company does its job perfectly. Many factors make them different from amateur cleaners. Professional cleaners know what you need from them. They have various equipment’s to clean an office, which you might not be having in your company. If you have a lot of things to be cleaned in your office, don’t hesitate to contact a commercial cleaning company.

Commercial cleaners maintain high standards and offer services that exceed customer expectations. Our company has made a name in the realm of office cleaning London. We are a quality-oriented company that offers efficient and cost-effective services. We use safe and modern cleaning techniques. For a healthier working environment, hire a commercial cleaning company. The following are seven premises that glow better when cleaned by commercial cleaners.


  1. Cleaning of medium and large offices

Cleanliness is crucial in a working environment. A dirty workplace will turn off potential customers, and as a result, the business will face immense losses. Cleaning staff many deliver minimal office cleaning services compared to a cleaning company. On the other hand, a clean environment gives employees a sense of entitlement, and they also tend to concentrate on their work. A cleaning company will follow these steps to make sure your office looks pretty.


Organize loose papers

Employees have a tendency of placing papers everywhere they find space. Piled papers make your office look messy and also makes it difficult to retrieve documents. Trained office cleaners will scan documents to store them in an electronic system. File documents such as invoices, vendor information, customer files, and work orders.


Cleaning and dusting electronics

A duster is used to blast dust in spaces like vents, keyboard spaces, and fans. They also use a disinfected soft rag to wipe electronics.


Disinfect restrooms

Restrooms must be kept tidy. These are areas that need to be cleaned every day due to high traffic. A trained cleaner will scrub the bowls with and toilet brush sprayed with a disinfectant. He will wipe the seat outer circumference, the toilet tank and the lid with disinfectant. A professional cleaner will wipe the sink with disinfectant and put deodorizing cakes to maintain a fresh smell.


A commercial office cleaning company will also ensure the public area is appealing and empty waste bins.


  1. School cleaning

Cleanliness must be observed in a learning environment. Dusty and dirt classrooms expose kids to health risks. It is recommended you should hire a cleaning company to clean an educational establishment. Hiring skilled cleaners will keep your school sparkling clean. To concentrate on their studies, children need a clean environment. A clean learning environment will also motivate teachers to pass knowledge to pupils effectively.


Cleaners will clean and disinfect the restrooms, collect litter in the school compound and dust bookshelves. They will also vacuum the floor daily, keep areas with high traffic clean to keep pupils safe. Such areas include the toilet area, drinking fountains, doorknobs, computer keyboards, and desks.


  1. Hotel and hospitality cleaning

In the hospitality industry, you must be hot in your cleaning. Due to food handling, hotels need to be cleaned to a certain standard. Professional commercial cleaners will identify the areas that need attention and leave them spotlessly clean. Whether it is in the kitchen, guest rooms, bar or restaurant they make sure your premises are clean to the required standard.

A cleaning company understands the criteria that match what the authorities expect. Therefore, you will have a smooth experience with the authorities. They allocate resources for effective and safety training techniques. On the other hand, your employees will have ample time to concentrate on their work. They can prioritize delivering services as usual during peak times such as evenings, weekends, and holidays knowing very well that cleanliness is sorted.


  1. Window cleaning

This is the process of cleaning the exterior architectural glass used for lighting, structural or decorative purposes. Window cleaning needs to be done in a unique way to uphold the safety and welfare of the cleaners. When cleaning skyscrapers, a professional cleaning company ensures that the work is appropriately planned and done by competent people.

Your company will require specialized people for abseiling cleaning. Cleaning ground floor windows are different form cleaning windows in high heights. A cleaning company makes sure it hires professionals with the right skill set and knowledge to clean windows at high heights. This can go a long way in ensuring there is safety in the workplace.


  1. cleaning the office in the evening

An office must be kept clean at all times. The public areas should be presentable to avoid embarrassing the customers and ensuring the place adheres to health standards. Customer impression is everything and must be safeguarded at all means. There are a lot of activities that take place in the office. The activities make the office untidy and messy as one struggles to retrieve documents, cut papers to shape and stamp materials.

The restrooms must be cleaned roughly to prevent people from getting sick. All this work needs to be done in the evening when workers have left the workplace to avoid distractions. A professional cleaning company will mop the floor in the evening to keep it clean. We are an office cleaning company London that offers all these services at an affordable cost.

Office cleaning London should be done professionally. Seats in public and office areas should be free of stains, dust, and crumbs. A professional cleaner will also ensure that reading materials such as books, brochures, and magazines for customers to read are up to date and tidy.

He will go on and dust Knick- knacks, furniture, plants, shelves, and wall hangings. Walls should also be wiped every day to clean off marks. Smudges and fingerprints should be cleaned off windows in the evening.


  1. Front of house cleaning

Cleaning the outside of a house looks like a simple task, but it needs the right tools and techniques. When the house is too dirty, a pressure washing machine is required to remove stains from the house walls. A professional cleaning company has the right tools to remove stains and dirt in stucco, bricks, and delicate wood shingles.

Professionals do not only leave the front of your house sparkling clean but also fumigate the area. They also protect your property by making sure all doors and windows are closed during the exercise. They do this by putting plastic sheeting and duct tape to cover vents, outside light fixtures, and electrical outlets. Plants are also covered with plastic sheeting. Cleaners also ensure that all pets are inside the house during the exercise.

All these safety and health standards can only be maintained by hiring professional cleaners.


  1. Cleaning an office on a contract

You can opt to hire a cleaning company on contract terms. Office cleaning company London also offer their services on contract terms. When hiring a cleaning company on contract terms, ensure that the specifics of the agreement are well elaborated. This protects both the janitorial services company and your business. The services to be provided and the service fee should be well formalized in the contract. This way, you can easily tell whether services offered are up to standards you agreed.



Professional cleaners do their work correctly and on time. Hiring a cleaning company reduces interruptions in your day to day activities. You can comfortably concentrate on your primary duties without having to worry about cleanliness. This helps you increase your profits tremendously. Don’t hesitate to ask for our help. We have the right package for you


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Contract Cleaning vs Do It Yourself Cleaning


Contract Cleaning vs Do It Yourself Cleaning

Workplaces are the spaces where most adults spend their day and are also frequented by the public. Therefore, it is imperative to keep these places clean to protect staff and customers from exposure to germs that may cause illnesses. Providing clean workplaces is also a legal requirement. Despite the importance of maintaining clean work premises, some businesses choose the ‘Do It Yourself (DIY)‘ approach of office cleaning, which does not produce the best results. Several firms that have embraced contractual office cleaning London, so we have highlighted some of the benefits of hiring commercial cleaning services.


Compliance with regulations

The U.K. government imposes safety and cleanliness standards for a wide range of businesses, including restaurants, healthcare facilities, and even conventional offices. These standards are meant to protect workers and consumers from health hazards. Contract cleaning is one way in which a firm can improve its compliance with health and safety regulations. Contracting a cleaning firm ensures compliance most contractors have vast experience with different standards.


Specialized staff and cleaning equipment

Needless to say, some spaces are more difficult to clean than others due to complex architecture or the nature of the dirt or surface. Commercial cleaning services tend to have all the equipment required to clean all types of surfaces and architectures. Further, their workers are experienced in handling different types of dirt and will identify the right mix of detergents for every surface. Hiring professionals will ensure that all your premises are clean while reducing the risk of damage to property that may be caused by using the wrong detergents or equipment. For instance, most commercial cleaners use vacuum cleaners on carpets instead of chemicals.


Eco-friendly cleaning products

When hiring a contract cleaner, you can oblige them to use environmentally friendly products. You will realise that such an arrangement is more cost-effective than DIY cleaning because the contractor has the capacity to source eco-friendly products that are effective. This can help in advancing your firm’s sustainability goals and increase its appeal to customers as an organisation that cares about the environment and the welfare of the surrounding communities.


Boost business reputation

Whether you own a salon or run a law firm, there is no better way of proving to your customer that you run a professional business than hiring commercial cleaners. The average bartender or front office staff is not skilled in the intricacies of cleaning to the highest standards. If you hire professional cleaners, staff and customers will be confident that they are using clean spaces that are free from harmful germs. The cleaners also will leave your premises looking great and inviting. Customers will spread the word that you adhere to the highest health and safety standards, while highly qualified staff will want to work for you. Ultimately, a good reputation will improve your bottom line.


Focus on the core business

In the past, firms used to recruit staff to provide all manner of services from couriers to marketing to public relations. However, over time, managers realised that they were better off focusing on their core business and outsourcing all the auxiliary services. Outsourcing helps firms to focus all their human resource investments on staff who provide core services. Such organisations then build norms and culture that is aligned to their line of business. The effect is that firms improve productivity and efficiency because all systems are geared towards getting maximum value from core staff.


Cost savings

Outsourcing has proven to be more cost-effective than sourcing all the services in-house because it enables firms to save on the costs of hiring permanent staff. It is not hard to see why outsourcing cleaning services will save you money when you factor in the cost of recruitment and benefits. All these are costs that you transfer to the cleaning firm leading to a reduction in workforce costs. Moreover, hiring commercial cleaners allows firms to negotiate competitive prices because the service provider is competing in the open market and may have lower operational costs than an in-house cleaning department. For instance, a commercial cleaning company may buy supplies in bulk and extract discounts from suppliers that it transfers to customers in the form of lower service costs.


Cleaning Companies Have Specialised and Professional Staff

Most office cleaning companies London have a rigorous hiring process, which ensures that all the recruits have a passion and commitment to the profession. They then take the staff through training to ensure that they are skilled at using sophisticated cleaning equipment and products. Further, an established Office cleaning agency will have an abundance of cleaning resources including tools and cleaning procedures that make its workers are more productive and efficient than the average DIY cleaner.



If you visit offices regularly, you must have encountered the sign “caution: slippery floor.” The signage is a testament to the fact that cleaning is one of the office activities that have a high risk of causing accidents. Therefore, it helps when you can spread the risks of office accidents to a third party by contracting a cleaning company. Most cleaning firms have comprehensive insurance cover for all manner of risks related to cleaning. The cover includes damage and loss of property and accidents that may result from the cleaning service. Contracting reduces the costs associated with claims for accidents that may occur on your premises.


Final words

DIY cleaning may appear to be a cheap way of office cleaning, but this assumption does not stand up to scrutiny when you consider all the costs and risks involved. Hiring commercial cleaners improve the cleanliness of your premises while lowering your operational costs. It is a great way of marketing your business while complying with regulations.

We are an Office Cleaning Company London that offers office cleaning services to businesses in all parts of the city. We have been operation since 2004 and have built a strong reputation for providing high-quality cleaning services. Call us for a quotation and join our large portfolio of businesses that rely on us for Office Cleaning London.


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