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Reliable Cleaning Services in London

Reliable Cleaning Services in London



Are you looking for a Commercial Cleaning Company whose services you can always rely upon? If you are, then you will find our Commercial and Office Cleaning Services as not only the right Company for you but also flexible enough to meet your expectations. We are one of London’s top Cleaning Service providers offering services such as:


Our Commercial Cleaning covers:

  • Trash removal
  • Vacuuming
  • Washroom cleaning
  • Dusting Furniture
  • Cleaning Corridors
  • Sweeping & mopping
  • Emptying recycling
  • Vacuum elevators
  • Clean stairwells
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Stripping & waxing
  • Burnishing
  • Window washing
  • Construction site clean-up


Our services are always primed up to fit in with your schedule so as not to inconvenience you.

Customisable Cleaning Solutions
Not many cleaners offer the exact services that clients always require. In most cases, providers may come short by failing to offer the specific service a client is looking for. With Citywide Cleaning Services, you will not need to worry about this as we can put together a bespoke cleaning solution just for you and your organisation, we will handle your cleaning tasks according to your specifications. Our cleaners are versatile and will only provide services that you asked for. No job is too big for our cleaners and whether you need to clean a small establishment or a bigger one, we will always respond with services that meet your needs.

Where you need value and at an affordable price, we are a top commercial cleaning London provider that you can always rely upon. Whatever cleaning project you need us to handle we won’t disappoint you. Besides, why should you stick up with a cleaner who always fails to meet your expectations? If you are not getting the commercial cleaning services you require, it is time you change your cleaner now and get quality cleaning services from a skilled, affordable and attentive provider – Citywide Cleaning Service London

We Are An Insured Service Provider
Most clients usually shun cleaners that are not insured. We understand customers with such concerns and therefore assure them that we are an insured commercial cleaning London provider. We will therefore cater for any accidental damages caused by our Cleaners. You can be rest assured that you will find everything in your office just as it was before we came in.

Reliable Commercial Cleaning London Provider
Attention to detail and being flexible in our service delivery is always our service maxim. With this in mind, our cleaners always strive to supersede your set standards and deliver high quality services. As a way of building trust in our clients, we dedicate the same set of Cleaners to your office so they get used to how you want your office cleaned. Most importantly, we ensure that every task is taken care of to the last detail. Whether it is a small cleaning project or a bigger one, our cleaners will approach it with the same attention and dedication as any other task. This is to ensure that we leave your premises as spotless and meticulous you would want it to be.

Value And Excellence
What makes us a top commercial cleaning London provider is that we always put quality first, a reason why we emphasize on value and excellence in our service delivery. We have quality control programs, which we not only carry out consistently but which have also proven to work. With such measures in place we will ensure that we not only meet your standards when cleaning but that we also adhere to our quality threshold. Therefore, our cleaners will see to it that your office floors, elevators, carpets, furniture, corridors and windows are thoroughly dusted and cleaned.

Fully Trained And Vetted Cleaners
Our cleaners are fully trained and vetted and therefore you will get the right people for the job. We know the most efficient and even the latest cleaning practices that deliver better outcomes. And that is what our cleaners will apply in cleaning your premises. Our cleaners also come with references taken up before they are deployed to clients. This enables them to build trust with our customers and earn us positive recommendations for later cleaning projects.

We Are Health And Safety Compliant
We understand that as a client you would want a cleaner who applies safer cleaning practices so as not to put you or your staff at risk. This is why we put your health and safety first in our service delivery. Our cleaning products are not only safe but our cleaning methods are also friendly. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your health being at risk whenever you use our services.

Are You looking to switch to a New Cleaning Company?


Are You looking to switch to a New Cleaning Company?

Are you currently making use of a cleaning company for your daily office cleaning needs? Have you lately assessed the quality of the services being offered by your cleaning service provider? Not many companies pay attention to these details once they have signed up with a cleaning service provider. It is important to time and again assess the services of your office cleaning London service providers to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money and if need be, you should switch to a new cleaning company. The very thought of changing to a new cleaning company sends very unpleasant vibes into people’s mind and to avoid this person very often try to overlook the issues or ignore the problems that they face with their cleaning company just because they don’t like to rock the boat. But it could be highly possible that your service provider could be doing better if only you have a little time to pay attention to details.


office-cleaning-company-londonHere are few important factors that you should take into consideration to decide whether you should find a new London Cleaning Company. Firstly, the reliability of your commercial cleaning company should be taken into consideration. You should check whether your cleaning company is making regular visits as per the contract. Secondly, you should check whether your cleaning company is sending the adequate number of cleaning staff as per the contract. If there are discrepancies between what has been agreed upon and what is actually happening on a day-to-day basis, you need to take it up with your cleaning company. If you do not see any improvement in the situation, you need to consider switching to a new cleaning company.


You should also try to find out regularly what is the latest market rate for domestic cleaning London services or commercial cleaning London services. You could be paying a higher price than the market rates and you will not come to know of such things unless you make a comparison. When you notice that you have been paying a higher price or if you can find a cheaper office cleaning London service provider you should seriously consider switching to a new cleaning company. However, you need to double check whether you cleaning company that you are planning to switch to is a reliable company and a company with good reputation. If you are thinking of switching to a new commercial London cleaning company, then you should consider companies like Citywide Cleaning Services so that you get the best cleaning services at the right prices.


Do not hesitate to switch to a new cleaning company as long as you are going to get better services and better rates. It is worth taking the trouble because your cleaning needs are ongoing needs and as such, you can be saving a considerable amount of money, in the long run, hiring the right service provider.


Author Bio – Annie Goddard

Annie joins Citywide Ventures Ltd (trading as Citywide Cleaning Services) as a Marketing Director in 2006. With over 20 years experience in marketing, training and recruitment, Annie has been a welcome addition to the Citywide Team. Citywide Cleaning Services is one of the fastest growing Office Cleaning Companies in London. For more information about their services, please visit

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