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Office Premises Cleaning is a Necessity and Not a Luxury


Office Premises Cleaning is a Necessity and Not a Luxury

Clean offices directly contribute to workers’ efficiency and safety of all users. Office Cleaning should be accorded the seriousness it deserves to get the full potential of workers and satisfaction of all users. Whether cleanliness is achieved through professional cleaning services or by the maintenance department, it should be regular and timely. A dirty office implies that the products are of poor quality. Nobody can be convinced to buy products from an organization with a dirty office. No one can dare lodge in a hotel which is not clean. Even students will change school if cleanliness is not maintained on the premises. The misconception that office cleaning should be done when the dirt is visible or felt can lead to loss of productivity, health problems and damage to office machines.


The company’s brand can suffer an unimaginable loss when clients realize that the offices are not neat well cleaned. Such a bad reputation can lead to a massive decline in sales, high bills to repair the machines and frequent hospital visits. Therefore, the catalogue should be made to ensure the office premises are cleaned regularly.


Prompt attention is needed after every accidental contaminant. Workers need a healthy working atmosphere, machines need to be protected from dirt, soil and organic dirt need immediate removal from working services, and carpets need to be cleaned: Everything deserves to be clean, always. This is usually regardless of whether an upcoming organization or an already established economic giant. You probably will never go wrong having ensured a tidy surrounding.


Whether in medical centres’ offices, hotel & hospitality facilities or schools and colleges, for office premises to be hospitable these five elements must be removed regularly and well.


  1. Dust

Dust removal is synonymous with cleaning. Dust is the most common form of dirt in the office. It accumulates slowly, unseen and unheard. By the time it is recognized, it may have already caused damage to the electronic machines or other valuables. When enclosed in a tight place with right conditions, dust is combustible especially if there is a presence of any combustible gases, no matter how minute.


Many diseases can worsen in dusty conditions. Crowded places like classrooms are unbearable to live in if the atmosphere is dusty. The effects of dust in asthmatic people cannot be underestimated. The affected personnel can sue the company, school or hotel for damages. And if there is any evidence that the dusty condition worsened their states, it can lead to serious legal repercussions. Dust is the leading cause of death in occupational health. Regular removal of dust could save organizations a lot of time and money.


It is easier to control dust in some office premises than others. In such business as below, controlling dust in the offices should be left for professional cleaning services workers;


  • Textile
  • Flour processors and mills
  • Carpentry
  • Grain storages
  • Construction sites
  • Salon and barber shops
  • Quarries and mining.


If the site of the office cannot be relocated somewhere safe, may be due to lack of space, dust management in offices is a tough job for an untrained person. When hotels and camping sites become so dusty, booking level will go down drastically, and it can be so hard to recover even after thorough cleaning has been done.


  1. Micro Organisms

Though unseen, microorganisms pose the most significant risk to health in dirty places than any other pollutant. They are the reason why medical centre cleaning services are so aseptic. Because the pathogenic microorganisms are mainly found in plenty in sick people, medical centre cleaning needs to be thorough and as aseptic as possible. In all offices, microorganisms can be found in plenty in toilets, washrooms, and restrooms.


Schools and colleges have a high concentration of microorganisms due to a high density of individuals visiting the toilets and washrooms. Proper cleaning is vital to prevent the outbreak of diseases in such places.


Hotels are frequented by all sorts of people. Some have undesirable toilet habits. If toilets are not cleaned well, and in time, visitors cannot come back again. Frankly, people fear germs contamination in hotels and restaurants than anywhere else.


Unlike other dirt’s cleaning methods, cleaning of places contaminated with germs is two-fold; to remove the dirt itself and to kill germs. Detergents together with disinfectants are necessary to clean such places. Since there are millions of germs in human waste, washrooms cleaning should do professionally especially in medical centres. Although not all microorganisms cause diseases in man, sterilization is mandatory on all infected services since no one can differentiate the pathogens from other microorganisms by looking at the dirt. This is especially so in hospitals and hotels.


Medical centre cleaning must not only be timely but also regular. Strong antimicrobial agents are always added to detergents used to clean tables, chairs, and floors in any medical office. This prevents spreading of diseases from a patient to a doctor or other patients. If regular and proper cleaning fails, nosocomial infections can spread in the whole hospital. It is a very repulsive idea to pick an illness from a health facility. Expensive court battles are inevitable in such scenarios, and the health facility can lose clients very fast.


All these can be prevented if professional cleaning services are sought to maintain regular and thorough removal of germs. Proper records should be kept by both the cleaners and the organization so that the type and source of germs can be studied to prevent disease outbreak in the future.


Germs can also quickly spread in any office setting because people can still work when they are sick, and some are carriers of bacteria which they do not affect them. Antiseptic detergents, therefore, should not be restricted to hospital setting but also in schools, colleges, and hotel cleaning. The effects of knee-jerk reaction in office cleaning and can lead to disease and underproduction. Workers will be satisfied and more efficient when they know their working environment is safe from disease-causing germs.


  1. Organic Matters

Dry dirt is not as dangerous as wet dirt. Organic dirt is even more dangerous because it is conducive for bacteria growth and multiplication. Germs feed on the organic matter especially the food leftovers. This will lead to foul smell and spread of infections. Hotels and schools are affected by organic matter than other premises. Their cleanliness reputation can be guided by proper cleaning. Although not all germs cause diseases in man, they all need to be prevented from multiplying by promptly removing any organic waste matter.


A piece of bread, when left unattended can rot and cause a foul smell. It can also attract all manner of bugs and insects. If this happens in an office, it can interfere with clients’ perception of the organization especially if they are new. Regular office cleaning is, therefore, a necessity to remove all food debris hidden in otherwise inaccessible places. Those snacks during breaks will cause fragments of food to fall to the floor and somehow find their way under the carpet. This is more common in offices frequented by many people like the school’s staff rooms.


School cleaning program must be regular and entire especially in the main offices. In hospital offices, the organic waste can be a good breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms. Medical center cleaning services cannot afford to negate regular and aseptic office cleaning especially when dealing with pathogenic specimens.


Sputum on the doctor’s table left by a patient has to be removed aseptically and disposed of by hospitals pathological waste management. Professional cleaning service demands that all doors, chairs, floor, and beds in doctors’ offices be aseptically cleaned. Containers holding pathogenic materials have to be sterilized to prevent the spread of diseases. Medical Centre cleaning services is mandatory.


Failure to remove organic dirt in schools, hotels and hospital offices can cause the authorities to close those premises especially if there is evidence of spread of disease. Since many business deals are made in the office, many potential clients can be lost if the first impression they find in the organization is dirty and unkempt offices.


  1. Dumpiness

Dry dirt is easier to remove than a wet one. While dry dirt is inert, wet dirt is always changing. Biological changes are constantly making it unfit change from food to being a source of infection. A healthy biscuit crumb when it had absorbed enough vapours can rot and cause that foul smell and attract insects. School dining halls and hotels are especially affected by rotting food particles. Just a little amount of water vapour can cause dampness in the office, and by the time people sense dampness, it will have caused some damage.


As long as the temperature is above 22 degrees of Celsius, water vapour is inevitable in the office. Like dust, the effect of water vapour on machines and equipment is so gradual that it is hardly noticed until when the damage has already occurred. Regular cleaning can, therefore, save many damages. Water spill in inaccessible places must be removed promptly, and the place dried well. Regular and complete cleaning of all corners of the offices and the environment will ultimately prevent water from corroding and damaging important materials like furniture, walls, and posts.


It will, therefore, prevent expensive replacements of organization’s assets. Dumpiness can cause corrosion of metals if there is an element of saltiness. A fraction of a millimetre of erosion is what is needed to make the air conditioner malfunction or to destroy the computer. Since dumpiness is hard to see, a regular office cleaning is mandatory to prevent equipment damage and foul smell in office premises.


  1. Chemicals and Vapours

A clean surface does not only mean an absence of dirt but also the absence of dangerous chemicals and vapours. A spill of a dangerous chemical like acid is not only injurious to the health of personnel handling it but also to other materials like clothes and documents. The removal of such chemicals from surfaces will require professional cleaning services. Since there are plenty of dangerous chemicals in use of in office premises, a regular inspection should be part of the cleaning protocol.


Simple equipment like a refrigerator can cause a spill of dangerous liquid. If it was cleaned regularly, such breakages could have been noticed earlier and be prevented. Hotels and schools can be safe for the occupants when cleaning is done regularly to prevent a build-up of dangerous fumes in enclosed places. Carbon monoxide, for example, can start to build up in enclosed rooms near kitchens or car garages. If such rooms were cleaned regularly, the build-up of gases could not be as much.


Ink spills from printers can accumulate to high levels when left unattended for long. They can explode to eyes and cause damages. All office premises equipment and machines must, therefore, be cleaned and maintained regularly.


An office premise is only considered clean when it is free from physical dirt, dangerous chemicals and fumes, dumpiness and rotting organic materials. Cleanliness of a premise cannot be perceived by eyes and smell only. It is therefore essential to maintain an excellent record of the date and type of cleaning used so that improvements in cleaning can be achieved.


Removal of potential disease-causing germs is crucial. If premises are cleaned only when a smell or sight evidence dirt, danger will always be lurking in the background; a machine can fail due to accumulated dirt, an air conditioning machine can fail due to gleam in its bearing, dampness can corrode a metallic post unnoticed. Regular professional cleaning in all office premises can prevent all these.


Office premises cleaning is a vital undertaking to ensure that the organization is running well and the relationship between the organization and its clients is good. Unfortunately, many people take office premise cleaning for granted until the effect of their negligence becomes obvious.


Closing the business due to failure in cleaning may look far-fetched but neglecting this critical responsibility will inevitably lead to closure, especially in hotel and hospitality facilities. Medical Centre cleaning is even more vital to ensure infections do not spread from patients to personnel. Disease out breakages in a hospital is not only hard to contain but also it can damage the reputation irreparably.

7 Reasons why any Business will benefit from a Clean Office


7 Reasons why any Business will benefit from a Clean Office

Cleanliness in the workplace matters, yet entrepreneurs and business owners may not realise just how important it is to have and maintain a clean workspace. Running a successful business is not just about delivering projects on time; it’s also about creating a safe and clean office environment for your employees to strive in. However, it often happens that business owners take notice of this only when things get a bit out of hands. To ensure everything is running as smoothly as possible make sure to regularly clean your offices not only to keep your employees productive but also to leave a good impression on potential clients and business partners. Luckily, nowadays it is as easy as ever to clean up any workspace regardless of its size. It is a low-cost activity for such a high-impact benefit. Let’s look into all the reasons why your business could greatly benefit from a clean office.


  1. Leaving a Good First Impression

When a potential client or business partners steps into an office, the way it looks is the first thing they will take notice of. It’s immensely important for businesses to welcome their guests in a clean and tidy environment.      A clean office instills confidence. It creates trust, leaving the guests with the impression of efficiency. A messy or even dirty workspace tells potential clients and business partners that there may be a lack of professionalism. Consider this: if an employer does not take care of their employees, how can they take care of a new client?


  1. Prolonging the Office Items’ Life Span

Generally, an office has plenty of expensive equipment and items. From computers to carpets and furniture, any workspace is filled with items that require upkeep. Dust is one of the biggest enemies of electronics, stains on any surface can cause pest infestations, and these are just a few of the many risks.     Business owners could benefit greatly from the services of a cleaning company London that can provide professional cleaning when needed. Investing in a cleaning service is more affordable than replacing and repairing office assets.


  1. Less Clutter Means Less Stress

Clutter is a key contributor to stress. Workers suffering from stress don’t always perform at their best. A clutter-free workspace can do wonders for all employees. And it is so easy to misplace documents in a disorganized office.  Paper clutter is actually one of the main challenges in an office. While we do indeed live in the digital age, most companies still keep memos, client files, reports, and other documents in the old-fashioned way, on paper. Misplacing these documents can be very stressful, more so when the employees are expected to present those files to their superiors in a short period of time.


  1. Reducing the Risk of Illness

Every person in the office touches the doorknobs, buttons on printers, the microwave, and many other shared items. The dirt and germs on these things increase the risk of an illness, leaving businesses with one or more absent employees. Keeping employees healthy is, as such, not a surprising benefit. Reducing the risk of preventable workspace illnesses will directly decrease the number of sick days employees take. Regular disinfection and cleaning as well as having the right cleaning products for the job can make an immense difference.

  1. Cleaning Makes People Feel Better

Of course, we dare not compare the rush one feels with skydiving or other serotonin-increasing activities, but cleaning has been found to make us feel better. A key part of the cleaning process is de-cluttering. It not only frees space but also helps free up your employees’ time in the long run. By keeping the offices well-maintained, employees are not only more productive but also happier. And since workers are a direct representation of a business, as a business owner you need to maintain their positive state of mind. If an employee is dissatisfied with their work environment, it will show in their work demeanor.     While some things should be left in the hands of office cleaning London professionals, co-workers can also help keep everything clean. At the end of the day, they’ll be left with a feeling of accomplishment knowing they’ve contributed to a now tidier office.


  1. Limiting Distractions

A messy desk can be a distraction for both business owners and employees. Keeping the desk and other parts of the office clean and tidy makes it easier to focus on work instead. It empties space for one to get things done, as opposed to continuously push mess to the side or adding even more to the already large pile. Taking the time to clean and organize can make a huge difference in decreasing the minutes or even hours wasted with non-productive activities.


  1. Increasing Motivation

Employees tend to be more motivated when they are working in an environment they are proud of. Consequently, it’s safe to say a clean office can help improve motivation to get things done. Being disorganized costs both time and money. Nobody wants to work in a dirty and cluttered space. What’s more, a messy desk can also leave room for mistakes to be made. Luckily, there are so many ways business owners can help maintain a well-ordered work environment.


Final Thoughts

In businesses’ quest to generate revenue, it is very easy to lose track of many other important things that are vital for growing your company. We often don’t consider the importance of a clean and healthy work environment. But as we’ve shown, it is an important part that if neglected, can have some serious repercussion. The perception of a company starts with its appearance. An office is the extension of a product or service and should be considered a marketing channel. It is often the first impression that new clients and business partners have of a business. Creating a professional atmosphere can be something as simple as creating and maintaining a clean, fresh workspace. Last but not least, considering most people spend at least eight hours a day in the workspace, employers need to ensure their workers are comfortable while performing their daily tasks. Business owners should not be at all surprised to find an increase in the morale of their workers as the workspace is transformed into a cleaner and safer environment.


If you need help finding the best office cleaning services London has to offer or more information how your business can benefit from a Clean Office in London, then Citywide Cleaning Services has the perfect cleaning solutions for you. As the fastest growing office cleaning company London has to offer, not only do we employ some of the best professionals in our industry, and we also have 5-star reviews from 99% of our Clients.  At the moment, we have over 300 cleaners, 120 clients and a comprehensive range of cleaning services for businesses all sizes in both Central and Greater London.


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Why is Cleaning Important to an Office?


Importance of Regular Office Cleaning to an Office

It’s a fact that most of us spend more time in the office than we spend at home. Offices, therefore, get dirty as a result of constant human contacts and interactions. We are all aware that dirty and unhygienic office as potentially hazardous to human health. Besides, it can be very costly to the employers. Areas such as kitchens, toilets and things like worktops, chairs, toilet sinks, furniture, and fittings will need cleaning on a regular basis

The best way to take care of this situation is to pick up the phone and call Office Cleaning London. Office Cleaning London has been accredited with a 5-star rating by the clients based on their performance and highly skilled cleaners. Their technologically advanced cleaning methodology and holistic approach have earned them some faithful and eminent client base. Who are Office Cleaning London? They are a team of highly trained professional cleaners who have the ability to change even a dump into a beautiful living room or a nice cozy office. Cleaners working at Office Cleaning London are trained specifically for the purpose of performing the job to perfection. They clean everything, from specks of dust behind the age-old cupboard to the back of the photocopier in the photocopy room. The first lesson taught to the workers of Office Cleaning London is to consider each property they visit as their own and give 100% effort to make sure their clients are satisfied. The clients get to see a sparkling clean and beautifully smelling rooms without a speck of dust or webs anywhere. Regardless, of how often their cleaner visits you, their team of specialist cleaners will carry out a complete, comprehensive cleaning service, each time!


How reliable are the service and employees of Office Cleaning London? Office Cleaning London promises to respond to and promptly resolve any specific service issues within one business day.  If for any reason, Office Cleaning London should fail to meet either of these obligations, you are entitled to a complimentary cleaning service call. This is a key differentiator between Office Cleaning London and other Cleaning Service Providers. The company only use well trained, fully vetted Cleaners and there will be very little turn-over in that crew or persons allocated to clean your office


When is the best time to call Office Cleaning London? Office Cleaning London operates from 9 AM – 5 PM, Monday to Friday and 10 AM – 4 PM, Saturday and Sunday. The team of customer service representative handling the calls is also very aptly skilled in their job. They are trained to respond quickly and clarify the client’s and interested party’s query very clearly. The representatives can help with estimates and costs for cleaning and also schedule dates for appointments to access client’s needs. They also take a note of all the special requirements and specific instructions like chemical allergies etc. This helps in ensuring that the client is delivered with no surprises or disaster. The representatives keep a track of the dates and appointments. They also do a regular follow up to ensure that there is no discomfort to the client due to the cleaning.

What is the type of cleaning services handled by Office Cleaning London? At Cleaning services London, they have other cleaning options as per the requirement of the developing infrastructural pattern. The other services provided include commercial property cleaning, office space cleaning, washroom sanitation and aeration, Hotel and lodge cleaning, Pub clear-out, cinema clearance and cleaning, stores and shop cleansing, Surgical ward disinfection and humidification.
Why choose Office Cleaning London? The first and the major reason for choosing Cleaning services London is the affordable cost of the services rendered and multiple payment options. The other major reason for choosing cleaning services is because the teams deployed for cleaning and alteration of the property aren’t just any random employees. They are a team of highly efficient personnel who have skills specifically designed for the cleaning of specific areas. For instance, the team sent to hospital surgical wards will not be sent to clean office room space. Individual cleaning teams are trained in their particular domain to provide maximum results. This kind of training and recruiting procedure is specific only to Office Cleaning London. So it is very easy to understand why the services rendered by this company is so efficient and why should one hire cleaning services London instead of any other company.


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Office Cleaning Companies in London

Office Cleaning Companies in London


While Office Cleaning may sound like a simple chore to undertake, the absolute truth is that it is not always the case. Due to the tight schedules necessitated by the ever-increasing responsibilities, it often becomes rather hard to keep offices clean. As a result, many people prefer either wiping them or sometimes hiring companies to do that. This article is for the latter group: those who choose to hire companies. You see, with the increased number of companies offering Office Cleaning in Central London, it is imperative that one is aware of what to consider in a company before parting with their cash. By the time you are through with this article, you will understand how to vet a company and award the job only to the best.


1. Reputation

It is not once or twice we have heard complaints from a number of people in Central London emanating from poor services offered to them by some cleaning companies. It is highly advisable to research a bit about a company before one decides to accept their offer for the cleaning services. Allowing a company with a poor reputation to clean your windows is not advisable since it could result in a misunderstanding later. This is because every client wants to be satisfied, more so when one paying for the services. If, on the other hand, the company offering the services is more money-oriented than satisfying its clients there shall surely arise an issue. Thankfully, this no longer need to be a problem as our company is purely client-focused. Every service we offer is meant to bond with our clients more. In regard to reputation, we have been in operation for a long time without complaints. Moreover, our opening of the new branch in Marylebone proves that we are thriving. Obviously, our success would not be possible if we were not keen on protecting our clients. Therefore, reputation-wise we are the company to look for.


2. Quality of services

Whereas reputation is important, it is quality that matters most as it makes the client satisfied. The mistake clients make when seeking services is to trust the company instead of relying on the testimonials. Hardly will a company accept it offers poor services but with the testimonials, you can never go wrong. Our services are always offered in a manner that leaves our clients totally satisfied. At this point, it is important to list down some of these services.

(a) Office building cleaning: As stated above, the busy program has made it impossible for companies to waste additional time managing in-house cleaners. This is why is important to outsourced your office cleaning in London. Outsourcing has always been credited for cutting down on the operation cost of businesses. Having been in the office cleaning business for a long time now, we know that the benefit derivable from outsourcing cleaning operations cannot be overemphasised. It by far more effective and efficient than using staff to do it.  It gives you time to focus on what you do best which is managing your business. When you need your office cleaned, all you got to do is call us. As a client, the major concern here would be security. Our highly professional staff clearly understand your concerns and will behave as such. Also, we are flexible such that whenever you need us we will show up and offer services within the agreed time.

(c) Washroom cleaning: When office cleaning comes up, there tends to be a misconception that it is limited to just reception area, office cleaning. We also help in the maintenance of washroom hygiene. Often, lime and dirt settle on the sink and floor without anyone noticing because everyone is caught up in the core business. Sadly, if important guests visited any of these places, dirty washrooms and toilets could portray the wrong image. Reject such embarrassing moments by hiring a company committed to its work. That company is ourselves.

(d) Superb customer care: Even though this may seem a bit odd, at Citywide Cleaning we interact with our clients as a service in itself. That is to say whenever a client inquiries, they are treated with the same passion as the one who just signed a contract with us. In order to achieve this, we have a committed staff specifically to handle the online clients, another on the phone and still another to respond to emails we receive daily. Evidently, there is no further need to look for another company for Office Cleaning in Central London.


3. Response and treatment
Sometimes clients inquire about cleaning services but some companies take a century before responding. Worse still, some respond in a manner that tells you their value for clients is not high. Conversely, our company believes that the client comes on top on the organization chart. It is because of the clients we are in business meaning they have to be accorded great respect. That is precisely what we do. Whenever a request, an inquiry or even a complaint (we seldom have the last one) is left, our team responds within the shortest time and acts accordingly. So far, you can clearly see why we have been able to set up another branch here in Marylebone. Surely, with our appearance here, Office Cleaning in Central London will experience a revolution of its own kind. Remember cleanliness is vitally important to any business and home since it gives them an image.


4. Prices

Nothing is more disgruntling than a company purporting to offer services, but when it comes to the actual work it flops yet still charges outrageous fees. Well, this pain just vanished since it is not in handling clients alone that we demonstrate commitment. The same applies to our prices where anyone can afford them. In fact, a recent survey revealed that our prices are currently the most affordable among the companies offering services to do with Office Cleaning in Central London.


5. The staff

It is always said that employees act as a mirror of a business. Before parting with your hard-earned cash, seek to understand how the company’s staff behave. How professional are they? You can judge this by how the staff served you. Are they qualified enough to handle your chores as per your expectations? The last thing everyone wants is to have a cheap company offering cheap services. Do they have the right types of equipment? Always demand to see the machines used in the cleaning duty as some companies lack the latest equipment to ensure convenience.

There you have it now. The next time Office Cleaning London, Commercial Cleaning London and Office Cleaning Company London become search item you know you should look for Citywide Cleaning Services. As illustrated above, these traits ought to be evident in a company you intend to offer the contract to. Frankly, these characteristics best describe our company

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