Contract Cleaning vs Do It Yourself Cleaning


Contract Cleaning vs Do It Yourself Cleaning

Workplaces are the spaces where most adults spend their day and are also frequented by the public. Therefore, it is imperative to keep these places clean to protect staff and customers from exposure to germs that may cause illnesses. Providing clean workplaces is also a legal requirement. Despite the importance of maintaining clean work premises, some businesses choose the ‘Do It Yourself (DIY)‘ approach of office cleaning, which does not produce the best results. Several firms that have embraced contractual office cleaning London, so we have highlighted some of the benefits of hiring commercial cleaning services.


Compliance with regulations

The U.K. government imposes safety and cleanliness standards for a wide range of businesses, including restaurants, healthcare facilities, and even conventional offices. These standards are meant to protect workers and consumers from health hazards. Contract cleaning is one way in which a firm can improve its compliance with health and safety regulations. Contracting a cleaning firm ensures compliance most contractors have vast experience with different standards.


Specialized staff and cleaning equipment

Needless to say, some spaces are more difficult to clean than others due to complex architecture or the nature of the dirt or surface. Commercial cleaning services tend to have all the equipment required to clean all types of surfaces and architectures. Further, their workers are experienced in handling different types of dirt and will identify the right mix of detergents for every surface. Hiring professionals will ensure that all your premises are clean while reducing the risk of damage to property that may be caused by using the wrong detergents or equipment. For instance, most commercial cleaners use vacuum cleaners on carpets instead of chemicals.


Eco-friendly cleaning products

When hiring a contract cleaner, you can oblige them to use environmentally friendly products. You will realise that such an arrangement is more cost-effective than DIY cleaning because the contractor has the capacity to source eco-friendly products that are effective. This can help in advancing your firm’s sustainability goals and increase its appeal to customers as an organisation that cares about the environment and the welfare of the surrounding communities.


Boost business reputation

Whether you own a salon or run a law firm, there is no better way of proving to your customer that you run a professional business than hiring commercial cleaners. The average bartender or front office staff is not skilled in the intricacies of cleaning to the highest standards. If you hire professional cleaners, staff and customers will be confident that they are using clean spaces that are free from harmful germs. The cleaners also will leave your premises looking great and inviting. Customers will spread the word that you adhere to the highest health and safety standards, while highly qualified staff will want to work for you. Ultimately, a good reputation will improve your bottom line.


Focus on the core business

In the past, firms used to recruit staff to provide all manner of services from couriers to marketing to public relations. However, over time, managers realised that they were better off focusing on their core business and outsourcing all the auxiliary services. Outsourcing helps firms to focus all their human resource investments on staff who provide core services. Such organisations then build norms and culture that is aligned to their line of business. The effect is that firms improve productivity and efficiency because all systems are geared towards getting maximum value from core staff.


Cost savings

Outsourcing has proven to be more cost-effective than sourcing all the services in-house because it enables firms to save on the costs of hiring permanent staff. It is not hard to see why outsourcing cleaning services will save you money when you factor in the cost of recruitment and benefits. All these are costs that you transfer to the cleaning firm leading to a reduction in workforce costs. Moreover, hiring commercial cleaners allows firms to negotiate competitive prices because the service provider is competing in the open market and may have lower operational costs than an in-house cleaning department. For instance, a commercial cleaning company may buy supplies in bulk and extract discounts from suppliers that it transfers to customers in the form of lower service costs.


Cleaning Companies Have Specialised and Professional Staff

Most office cleaning companies London have a rigorous hiring process, which ensures that all the recruits have a passion and commitment to the profession. They then take the staff through training to ensure that they are skilled at using sophisticated cleaning equipment and products. Further, an established Office cleaning agency will have an abundance of cleaning resources including tools and cleaning procedures that make its workers are more productive and efficient than the average DIY cleaner.



If you visit offices regularly, you must have encountered the sign “caution: slippery floor.” The signage is a testament to the fact that cleaning is one of the office activities that have a high risk of causing accidents. Therefore, it helps when you can spread the risks of office accidents to a third party by contracting a cleaning company. Most cleaning firms have comprehensive insurance cover for all manner of risks related to cleaning. The cover includes damage and loss of property and accidents that may result from the cleaning service. Contracting reduces the costs associated with claims for accidents that may occur on your premises.


Final words

DIY cleaning may appear to be a cheap way of office cleaning, but this assumption does not stand up to scrutiny when you consider all the costs and risks involved. Hiring commercial cleaners improve the cleanliness of your premises while lowering your operational costs. It is a great way of marketing your business while complying with regulations.

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