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With the COVID-19 Pandemic hitting hard across the UK, many businesses, business owners, and private homeowners are determined to keep their employees and families safe from this deadly virus. To do that, one of the very first and most important solutions is to have their business or home deep-cleaned. That means hiring a commercial deep-cleaning company that has the knowledge, personnel, and equipment to do the job right.


As an employer, you must ensure your employees are safe and can perform their work in a safe environment. As a homeowner, it behoves you to reduce the risk of infection for you and your family members. The infectious disease controls that we use will be the key to your success in dealing with the deadly COID-19 virus. Our knowledge, expertise, and diligence, combined with modern deep-cleaning technology, will help to eliminate risks at your place of business or home and keep your people safe and healthy.


What Does Deep Cleaning Entail?

Deep cleaning involves complete disinfection of all surfaces hard and soft, including flooring, carpeting, desks, chairs walls, and doors, among other things. It also involves cleaning the ventilation systems in your office or office building, including the ductwork. Most deep cleaning is performed at night or during the weekend when there are minimal employees at your place of business.

The reason deep cleaning is performed when employees are gone is that it is very disruptive and some of the chemicals that are used can be harmful to your employees’ health. One thing to note is that, when using disinfectant products, it is best to clean and wash surfaces with soapy water first. If not, the disinfectant doesn’t work as well. Scientists are also still not sure how long the novel coronavirus can stay in the air, which is why entire ventilation systems, not just the air-conditioning system, need to be deep-cleaned That includes ducts which can have years of built-up dirt, dust, and grime and might harbour the virus.


Lastly, deep cleaning involves using the correctly trained personnel, men, and women who have experience in disinfecting and decontaminating a home or place of business so that every surface is safe. They need the right equipment also, as well as deep knowledge of what products clean which surfaces best.


What Must be Done to Protect People During Deep Cleaning?

Keeping people and personnel safe from the COVID-19 virus means changing or modifying many of the methods that have previously been used to perform a deep clean. Here is what our company is doing to keep your employees, and your family, safe, and keep our cleaning technicians safe as well:


Personal Protective Equipment / PPE-

Protecting your employees, your family, and our technicians are personal protective equipment or PPE. This protective layer of clothing is the best way to prevent our technicians from becoming infected as well as making sure that we’re not spreading the virus as we clean.


Non-Contact Key or Key-Card Drop-Off-

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, we can arrange for a non-contact drop-off of entrance keys or key-cards. Normally this extra service comes with additional charges but, during the crisis, they have been waived.


Regular Health Checks & Daily Temperature Checks-

We perform daily checks on all of our technicians to ensure that none of them have flu-like symptoms. We also check to see if they have been to any high-risk areas and, if yes, we ask that they self-quarantine. To keep your employees and family members even safer, we perform daily temperature checks on all of our technicians at the beginning of every workday as well as at the end.


Online Payments Only-

To help further reduce the transmission of the virus, we are only accepting online payments until further notice. This reduces physical contact and also contact with physical monies, which have been shown to have a high transmission rate.


No Physical Contact & Social Distancing-

All of our technicians have been instructed to keep physical contact to an absolute minimum, with no handshaking or fist-bumping. They also have been instructed to adhere to social distancing regulations to reduce the transmission of the virus.


Our methods of Deep Cleaning

Antiviral Cleaning

What is Antiviral Cleaning?

Antiviral cleaning is just that, a deep cleaning method that kills viruses on a wide variety of surfaces. Provided by our highly trained technicians (as with all of our other deep-cleaning services) antiviral cleaning kills 99.99% of viruses including COVID-19.


The good news is that, outside of the human body, the COVID-19 virus is quite weak. It’s very easy to destroy with disinfectant and hot water as it is enclosed in a lipid-membrane that is very fragile. Using safe, natural plant oils, our antiviral cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly and suitable for any type of commercial and/or home deep cleaning project.


Our antiviral cleaning technicians are extremely thorough and clean all surfaces, including walls, desks, chairs, floors, and any other surfaces where the virus could be hiding. Most treatments will last up to a week as long as the area is not high-traffic. For high-traffic areas, we recommend at least a bi-weekly antiviral deep cleaning.


During this pandemic, we highly recommend a deep antiviral cleaning for your place of business and your home as well, to reduce the chance of COVID-19 transmission and keep your employees, and your family, safe.


Electrostatic Disinfection

What is Electrostatic Disinfection?

electrostatic-disinfection-cleaniing-serviceOne of the safest deep-cleaning techniques we use is electrostatic disinfection. Using this cleaning process an electrostatically charged mist is sprayed onto all surfaces and objects needing to be disinfected. This specialized solution combines with air in a specialized spraying machine where the combination is atomized via an electrode. The resultant positively charged particles adhere quite aggressively to most objects and surfaces, clinging forcefully to anything they touch.


The major benefit to electrostatic disinfection is that hard to reach surfaces and objects that have odd or awkward shapes can easily be treated. All our technicians have to do is point and spray. The mist coats all surfaces very evenly and the charged particles stick to them like glue, no matter where the spraying occurs. Once applied, the disinfecting agents in the spray can get to work, making electrostatic disinfection an excellent solution to areas that are highly contaminated.


Electrostatic disinfection is perfect for many different types of businesses including manufacturing plants and facilities where R&D necessitates the area to be extremely clean. It is also excellent for regular commercial cleaning and home disinfecting and, although it sounds rather aggressive, it’s actually just the opposite.


The Benefits of Electrostatic Disinfection Include:

  • A 50% reduction in the time it takes to disinfect hard to reach surfaces as compared to conventional disinfecting methods.
  • Significantly reduces the spread of COVID-19 as well as many other viruses, germs, and bacteria
  • It is highly efficient. Surfaces that have been sprayed will repel the spray and thus prevent overuse



What is Fogging?

One of the biggest challenges when deep cleaning is making sure that every possible surface has been disinfected. For example, the disinfection of food contact surfaces only means that many other surfaces, such as walls, floors, and non-food contact surfaces will still have the potential to see surviving micro-organisms and viruses.

That’s why whole-room disinfection is necessary, something that can be accomplished with a deep cleaning process called fogging. Fogging uses several different techniques to fill a room with disinfecting agents. There are several different types of fogging, including chemical fogging (aka wet fogging) and dry fogging.


All of the different fogging methods, however, rely on the same basic principles. They produce mist, smoke, or ‘fog’ with biocide particles. These particles are small enough to remain suspended in the air long enough for viruses, germs, and bacteria to be eliminated. They also touch on every single surface in the area being fogged, eliminating pathogens on furniture, walls, floors, carpets, and more.


Today’s advanced fogging systems are also much safer and less corrosive to fabrics, metals, and plastic then they were previously. In fact, it’s no longer a concern in practically all cases. Today’s fogging techniques are also rapid, highly efficient, and take far less time to be applied, causing far less disruption at your place of business. Whereas before it might take several days before employees could return to work, today your business can be fogged one evening and employees can return to work the next morning.


The foggers that we use are water-based, clear, odourless and non-corrosive. They are also environmentally harmless and they don’t require rinsing afterwards. We use them to lower the risk of any type of allergic reaction either by our technicians or your employees.


The Benefits of Fogging Include:

  • It reaches areas that may be more difficult to reach
  • It can penetrate deeper into smaller areas than other disinfecting techniques
  • No moving of heavy furniture or equipment is necessary
  • Faster, safer results are achieved with today’s advanced fogging chemicals


Keep Your Employees and Customers Safe

We offer all of the services we’ve talked about here, including Electrostatic Disinfection, Fogging, and Antiviral Cleaning. Our technicians are highly trained and outfitted with the latest equipment and cleaning agents. They follow strict protocols and practice approved techniques to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.


For example, our  PROFESSIONAL ANTIVIRAL SANITISATION SERVICE has been designed to ensure the safety of your clients and employees for when they eventually return to work. We use CDC and EPA approved Viruscidal Products, capable of killing 99.9% of germs within 5 minutes of contact time.

Our specialist antiviral deep cleaning team is able to clean all types of premises. If you have suspected contamination or just want to have your premises deep cleaned professionally to dramatically reduce the threat of coronavirus. Whether you need a detailed deep cleaning for the whole of your property or one specific area, you can count on our services. When it comes to deep cleaning, we’ve got a team of specialist cleaners waiting for your call.

Citywide Office Cleaning Company will deliver excellent deep cleaning service of the highest level, and we will make sure it stays that way with regular quality checks, and by listening to the feedback of our customers. Our standard deep cleaning service will tackle all of the areas that regularly cleaning does not have time to clean, all the little nooks and crannies and move things rather than just cleaning around them.


As part of the deep cleaning service, we also have a number of other options, such as Antiviral Deep Cleaning Service, Quarterly School Deep Cleaning Service, After Builders cleans or End of Tenancy cleaning. Our flexible booking approach means you pick a date and time that suits you – even weekends and bank holidays are an option. My Company, Citywide Office Cleaning Company, has been providing high-quality cleaning services to companies and organisations in your sector for nearly 20 years now.


In the fight against coronavirus and many others that threaten our collective well-being, you will need infection prevention deep cleaning experts that understand what is required for both reactive responses and planned treatment. Our fully trained team utilise the approved disinfectants to make sure public spaces and medical facilities are fully sanitised and protected from such outbreaks as the Coronavirus. Citywide Cleaning Office Cleaning Company provides enhanced deep cleaning service either as part of an ongoing cleaning contract or as a one-off cleaning service. As a result of the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, we are advising all Companies and Schools to carry out deep cleaning and disinfecting of their facilities from COVID-19, along with any other germs that cause colds and flu. Citywide Office Cleaning Company uses EPA approved COVID-19 fighting disinfectants for the deep clean. We will disinfect and wipe down all frequently touched surfaces with EPA approved Clorox and Lysol based wipes which work and are the most effective. Our team of experienced cleaners will work with you to understand your requirements prior to the time. Our goal is to be your partner in providing your staff with a clean healthy working environment for your staff and clients. With Citywide Cleaning, you can be assured you the best deep cleaning service in London.


Antiviral Cleaning Services for Schools and Offices:

Commercial Deep Cleaning Services

Citywide Office Cleaning Company can arrange deep cleaning for your office or school at short notice. We have experienced Cleaners in place available 24/7 to deliver Deep Cleaning for Offices, Schools, Restaurants and Commercial Buildings. We have a full CDC compliant deep cleaning team in place. Whether you are looking for a preventative deep cleaning or you feel one of your staff or pupils have been exposed to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Citywide Office Cleaning would be able to go in and disinfect the entire office or school buildings so that your staff or student to return to work or study safely.


School Deep Cleaning Services

office-cleaning-company-londonCitywide Cleaning Company will carry out extensive deep cleaning services for school halls, classrooms, canteens, school floors and walls either within the term or outside of the school term. Whether you are a large or a small school, we have the right deep cleaning package for you. Our school deep cleaning will pay attention to all the notoriously hard or difficult to reach areas, which are not that easy to access during the day to day cleaning sessions. We work with several School and Colleges, helping them with specialist and summer holidays deep cleaning


Office Deep Cleaning Services and Coronavirus Sanitisation Services 

Are you worried that your current cleaning services provider might not have the capacity to provide enhanced deep cleaning service in the face of the current outbreak of coronavirus? Citywide Cleaning Company is able to assist. Our deep cleaning service is programmed to a pre-planned quality checklist which places control of what is needed in accordance with your budget and timescales in your hands. Citywide Cleaning Deep clean will improve the standard of hygiene in your offices.

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