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Cleaning and its Impact on Businesses



Every business main objective is to make a profit. To do this Companies need to maintain a positive image and retain clients’ loyalty. If your business is situated in a clean surrounding, it will have a positive impact on the fortunes of the company. Cleaning can help improve customer’s likeability of your brand. After all, people like to buy and identify with a squeaky-clean image. Cleanliness is one of the best ways of attracting customers to a brand or a product. Your business environment can create a negative or positive impact on your brand. Every entrepreneur should be more focused on a clean business environment for their staff to work in and for the Clients to see whenever the visit. Here are some of the effects a clean business environment can have on your brand;



Every client that approaches your brand wants to know more about your business before they purchase your product or service. Consumers are generally impressed and are more likely to want to buy from you if when they enter into your office and they saw a clean well-arranged office. Moreover, all business organisations want to improve the experience of their clientele and a clean environment will enhance their confidence and motivate them to inform other people about their experience which ultimately will lead to more sales. Once your brand offers a satisfactory experience for the clients, retaining the loyalty of the customers will not be a problem. For instance, grocery stores cannot afford to look dirty as these are the places where individuals shop for their daily needs such as edible foods and other stuff.



A dirty business atmosphere can tarnish the reputation of your brand. Clients, as well as employees, are motivated by a clean office environment. When your prospective clients come for a business meeting, a clean environment can encourage clients to buy from your brand and create a business long last relationship with your company. Engaging the services of a reliable cleaning company will help you maintain a positive image which will speak for your business. A clean environment will make your business to stand out amongst other competitors offering similar services. Regular Cleaning of your office will, undoubtedly, have an immediate and continuing beneficial impacts on your business.



Working in a clean business environment will improve the health and well-being of employees. It is a known fact that infections are present in office settings as employees often bring food items and snacks to the workplace. When a commercial cleaning company is hired to clean the office environment, the presence of germs is reduced significantly without endangering the lives of the workers. Several commercial cleaning companies are available in London but it is an excellent idea to choose the best firm that will promote the health of your workers. When employees are working in a clean environment, their health status will improve and they will be more efficient and productive. When the employees are in good health, they will perform at an optimal level which will maximize the brand’s output.



A clean business environment has a crucial role in the projecting of a positive brand image to the prospective clients. When employees are healthy, the company will have more members of staff at work each working day, and the productivity level will be increased. A clean environment will prevent the spending of money on medical expenses by the company. Employees spend an average of forty hours at work on a weekly basis and contribute their quota to the completion of the task at hand. When employees work in an environment that is devoid of infections, money that would have been spent on medical expenses when someone is sick can be used for better projects.



A brand with a clean business environment will ensure the staff is motivated and in the right state of mind to start the job of the day. When these employees are in the right mood, it shows in their attitude towards work. A motivated staff is the best set of individuals a company can hire as they strive to make sure the objectives and aims of the brand that hired them are achieved. Working in a clean business environment can inspire them to focus on their goals and deliver excellent services to the satisfaction of their employers and clients.



Working in a cluttered work environment can be a challenge and have an impact on the productivity of the employees.cleaning

It will make them more disorganized in their daily activities but the best method to improve the productivity of workers is by engaging the services of a commercial cleaning company. The life of every business brand is to ensure the satisfaction of each customer is guaranteed, but it cannot be achieved without the productive contribution of every stakeholder. Once employees are assured of a clean business environment, they can work with peace of mind and deliver incredible services that will lead to customer satisfaction



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5 Steps to Take When Booking a Cleaning Service

Things You Should do before Booking a Cleaning Service in order to get a good deal or service!


As you are already aware, there are thousands of cleaning companies in London. The difficulty sometimes is hiring the right cleaning company. Please feel free to download the document below. Citywide Cleaning London has put together tips and steps that you should take when hiring or looking to book a cleaner, especially in London. However, should you feel you need to speak to someone or require assistance in finding a good cleaning company in London, why not visit Office Cleaning Company London to see how they can help?


How to Quickly Generate Commercial Cleaning Contracts

Quickly Generate Commercial Cleaning Contracts


As someone who has been in the Cleaning Business for nearly 15 years, I am pretty sure I know one or 2 things that can help you generate leads, contracts and ultimately cash for your business. Cleaning is still one of the few business you can start with virtually no start-up capital.


Direct Mailing and Leafleting

office-cleaning-londonOnce you have identified your Customer base, you now need to design an effective and impactful direct mailing campaign. Produce marketing materials that will appeal to your client base and make sure you send letters. Leaflets and emails at least once a month to your prospective markets. This is good for brand awareness so that whenever they need your service, people will believe it or not, the newspaper is actually a good source for obtaining potential clients for cleaning contracts. If residential cleaning is your preferred option, you may wish to consider door to door marketing campaign. This is where for a small fee employ agents to drop your leaflets or letters inside the homes of your target market. Reports have shown that 92% of people read door drops that are brought to their home


Get Yourself a Good Website

Today internet has become a part of our day to day life. According, to a report, in 2016, an estimated 3.61 billion people purchased goods and services online globally. This trend is set to continue at a faster rate in years to come because of the convenience it offers to users. As a cleaning business owner, 90% of my business is from online. This shows you need an internet presence for buyers to find your business. Having a website ensures customers can find information about your business any time of the day. office-cleaning-londonA Clients can wake up the middle of the night and search a cleaning company and request a quote. Customers do not have to worry about your office not being opened before they make Enquiries. They can complete an online form and you can get back to them whenever you fit appropriate. Having a website is also a good way of branding your Cleaning Business, people can judge your businesses by how you have designed your website. This is why you need a good, clean and well-optimised website that will attract traffic to your business. Get a good designer to design a good website that will attract and keep surfers on your site. Finally be creative with your website, offer promotional discounts to anyone who gets in touch with you through your website, this will surely get people coming through your site. In addition to having your own website, use social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Tumblr to supplement your online presence. The more people talk and share your information online the more people know about your business.


Networking is Important for Your Cleaning Business

Networking is a good way to connect with local businesses and generate leads through words of mouth and referrals. As a cleaning business owner sign up to as many as possible local business communities and make sure you attend their functions and events. These are places you can meet other business owners and share your details with them. In a lot of instances, some of them are looking for services like yours. You may also get good business ideas and tips from them. Networking is a long-term strategy, it may not deliver immediate benefits, but the more you attend networking events and put your business information the more people will know about your business and come to you when next they need your service. Ideally, you should be looking to join networking groups that have at least 50 attendees for each meeting. If you managed to get leads via networking, get them to provide testimonials for your business. This would encourage others to use your business whenever they are looking for a cleaning service provider.


Identify Your Customer Base

office-cleaning-london-in-londonOne of the most common mistakes newbies to the cleaning business make is trying to cover or focus all types of cleaning services. Depending on your neighbourhood, commercial cleaning may not be appropriate for you to start with. You may have to start with residential first. With both commercial and residential cleaning, client’s expectations are not the same. Decision-making processes are also different. Residential cleaning decision making is a lot quicker. This means your business can be up and running within a very short period of time. An individual can decide if they want a cleaner or not almost on the spot whereas a company needs at least 2 or more to agree on hiring a cleaning company. The decision making or buying process is always longer for a business. You would need to quickly figure out which type of cleaning services is more suitable for you and then mobilise and focus your marketing efforts towards it. Typically commercial cleaning will involve the following aspects



And your cleaners would generally undertake the following tasks:

  • Dusting – ornaments, electrical goods, furniture, skirting boards.
  • Vacuuming – carpets and soft furnishings.
  • Mopping- floors
  • Emptying bins.
  • Bathrooms – clean suites, tiles mirrors and deodorising.
  • Kitchens – surfaces, cupboards (exterior), white goods (exterior).


Public Sector Contracts

Look for publications or sites where government contracts are advertised from time to time. Depending on the size of your organisation, you may want to start with low-value contracts. These are contracts usually between £5 and £50k and may not require you going through the tendering system. From experience, I found public-sector organisations to be good and reliable customers. They also have to be seen as professional, honest and fair in their dealings with you. More importantly, if everything goes according to plan, you are sure of getting paid at end of your work


Real Estate Agents and Property Managers

Another source of generating leads or contracts for your business is the good old Estate Agents and Property Managers. These individuals have managed, buy and sell all sorts of property. Sometimes they are even commissioned by owners of large apartments and office buildings to award cleaning contracts on their behalf. By working with Property Managers, you would have access to information about potential contracts.



Finally, if you are feeling a little intimidated about implementing any of the above tips, you can get in touch by visiting Office Cleaning Company London, go to our contact page and drop us a quick email on how we can help with your existing cleaning business or help you set one up a new one.