Three Top Tips to Maintain Employee Performance as Summer Swelters




We rejoice when summer arrives; although a sweltering office can often be more of a chore than a cause for celebration. Employers have an obligation to offer a clean, pleasant working environment throughout the year, so Waterlogic has several suggestions for how to bring the best out of your team, even as the sun burns down.

From ample supplies of chilled, filtered drinking water to an array of comfortable office chairs, perhaps even team-building days out the office for a break from routine. It pays to be imaginative when seeking to motivate; particularly, at times when the mind might rather be outdoors. Focus on internal initiatives that enable personal development; embrace employee well-being with the inclusion of air-conditioning; or make the most of the simple options like encouraging an outdoor lunch. Read on to discover a few words of worldly wisdom, alongside the necessary steps we all must take.



The arrival of summer can be a blessing and a difficulty. We all enjoy warmer days and longer evenings, but the prospect of being inside an office becomes much harder to bear. However, there are several simple steps employers can take to get their best from their team, even as the sun shines outdoors.


Tip 1 – Hydration Helps Clear Thinking

Dehydration affects performance in many ways. If employees are not drinking enough fluid, they may suffer from a decline in cognitive performance as their short-term memory fades or they struggle with specific actions. Your mood can also be affected by hydration, so if you want the office to remain harmonious, be sure to have adequate drinking water sources around the office. A water cooler not only makes for a convenient spot for a quick catch-up, but also actively improves the mood of the office by keeping the team topped up.


Tip 2 – Source High-Quality Office Furniture and Commercial Cleaning Service

A modern work-space is as much about capturing the right employee experience as it is ensuring teams can simply do their job. The marketplace for new hires has never been so competitive, so presenting a clean and an attractive office is a de facto offering of any business. The point becomes more pertinent as temperatures soar, employees seek sanctuary at their desks and hope for respite from the sultry.  outdoors. Office chairs are the first item to get right, as an adjustable seat allows employees to:

  • Create their perfect workspace
  • Improve posture
  • And remain comfortable during the summer

Similarly, office desks are vital to productivity, enabling a sense of order when the warmth can create stress. While those in the capital often seek office furniture in London to create a break-out room if one’s desk becomes too stifling – communal space is now common-place in most offices throughout the UK. Employee experience can be further enhance by the provision of a clean office environment by hiring a competent professional cleaning company in London


Tip 3 – Head Outdoors for Team-building

While the right office environment is integral to daily productivity, team-building activities can provide a timely boost thanks to a break from the norm. Moreover, by taking the team off-site, you will likely build cross-functional relationships between employees who may rarely find time to socialise.

Never underestimate the benefits of a group day in the sunshine – but avoid the traps of the cliched ‘trust-building’ exercises, instead focussing on social gatherings or a day’s volunteering.


Maintaining Motivation as the Sun Shines



Employers have many tools to keep the team’s eyes on the tasks at hand, even when the skies are blue. The quickest way to recognise an office’s dedication is through a company social coupled with employee rewards. Nothing spells summer like an annual get-together, and such events can be a great morale-boosting occasion. Enjoy the clear skies, step beyond the daily routine and recognise the efforts of those round in a less-formal environment.

While large events can be a tremendous short-term mood-boosting occasion, nothing is more effective over the long-term than maintaining a positive atmosphere. Encourage a transparent company culture in which employees communicate freely, as strong communication is one of the most sought-after – yet often overlooked – office attributes. Create a space where feedback is provided, employees interact, and management visibly acknowledges good performance.

Similarly, personal development plans help evaluate ongoing progress, as well as plan what’s next. Summers are often the quieter months, so take the opportunity to bring teams together for moments of self-reflection. Establish what has gone well, and what to improve upon for the year ahead.


When the Heatwave Hits

Even the UK suffers from the heat on rare occasions; so, when the mercury tops out, make sure to be prepared. Air-conditioning may seem like a luxury in a temperate climate. However, experts estimate that an unusually warm summer could cost London as much as £2 billion, putting the cost of an air-conditioning unit into perspective. A simpler fix falls in suggesting employees take a break from their desks during the lunch-hour and venturing outdoors. Sitting in green space for just a short period can boost well-being, reduce stress, and even engender a stronger sense of connection – all-the-while overcoming the excessive heat.


Enjoy Summer!

Employee well-being must be the number-one priority throughout the year and becomes increasingly important during periods of incumbent weather. By providing adequate supplies of chilled drinking water, allowing the team to enjoy the fair weather, and actively encouraging a positive atmosphere in the workplace, there is no reason not to maintain the sunshine cheer throughout the rest of the year as well!



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